So after 3 or so weeks of seeing no success and being $300 down, I decided to join AffPlaybook, (Join through this link for $20 Off for life discount), as I was looking for some coaching and some specific pointers to help me succeed in this business. The forum is all about affiliate marketing and has so many success stories and case studies that you realize it’s just a matter of time till you experience some sales.

I spent some time just reading like crazy, compiled a bunch of ideas and jumped straight in with PPV marketing. I saw my first 3 sales the very next day and was so excited! So what did I do right this time?

1) I joined a place where experienced people making $100,000s spent time and effort in providing you with detailed advice on your forum threads.

2) I TOOK the advice I got and implemented it on a large scale. I’ve always been one to take large amounts of action and so when I was told to set up a campaign and start a follow along I set up 3.

3) I concentrated on ONE method. I was initially caught up in all that jazz surrounding different affiliate marketers and how they’re using Google, FaceBook, POF, Bing, PayPerCall, etc etc to generate millions. I was so careful as to make sure I’m picking the method that’s going to make me the most money until I realized that ANY of these methods can generate you millions if you just stick to them long enough. For this reason I just stuck to PPV for a good month/2 months and I’m sure glad I did.

4) I continued to post about my progress and what I’m doing. People kept giving me advice and pointing me to the right places. My income started to go higher and higher.

5) continued to learn and implement and took a ‘money is just a resource to buy information’ kind of approach and lost my fear in losing money. I just made sure I could afford certain losses and was careful not to exceed my budget but I started to make my ‘testing budget’ a lot larger. About $20-$50 this time.

6) I started to talk and network with anyone and everyone. I started to contact all the affiliate managers I could and actually spend a good half an hour to an hour talking to them. They provide tonnes of great advice as to what offers/products are doing well etc. I also started to talk to traffic source representatives who gave me some really top notch advice on how to set up my campaigns. I think this was more valuable then my chats with affiliate managers.

7) I started testing a lot of campaigns! I stopped caring about whether they resonate with me or not and just chucked them out there with a good testing budget to see if anything bites. I want to eventually try everything I can get my hands on with the top affiliate networks! I’m sure I can find a good amount of consistent converters.

8) I started to get faster at what I was doing. Whether that was testing landing pages, setting up new campaigns, editing my landing page PHP & HTML codes. I also started to realize what elements of landing pages work best.

9) I Started to get into a routine. Get up, check my stats, set up some campaigns, edit them as the day goes by and generally work hard and action orientated throughout the day. Read less and do more has always been my motto. That being said I read a lot but just make sure I do a lot more!

So there’s 9 reasons I can think of that changed my affiliate marketing performance. Basically it came down to experience. Don’t be too concerned on whether or not you’re next campaign is going to be an instant hit. It most likely isn’t. But if you set up 50 campaigns, ONE of them most likely will. This is my mentality now and am sure it’s what many successful affiliates have realized as well.

Success doesn’t happen without a lot of failure. You hear this everywhere so don’t be afraid to fail, it’s the nature of business. Learn to embrace it and look for key learning points you can take from them so your next campaigns/ventures have more of a probability of success.

Good luck

Written by Mateen