So now you have a fair idea of what affiliate marketing is about. If you don’t, keep reading the rest of this series. If it still doesn’t click, (I researched for 2 weeks before everything started to click), then have a read of these resources that I saved while I was learning.

I remember when I was at this stage I was REALLY confused on what path to take. FaceBook, Google, Bing, PPV, PPC, PPCall, it was a lot for me. Because of this I jumped around from one thing to another for a good while. I think this was the main reason I didn’t see success for the first 3 weeks.

Before I try and direct your decisions I just wanted to say that you can make millions doing ANY of the above. Don’t worry about if you’ve picked the best one or not just pick what you think will work best for you and jump right in! There is no substitute for learning from action.

Since each method is slightly different depending on what you decide to pick, I’ll go over things on a general basis. From scratch,

1) Making A Website: 

You will need to learn how to do this so you can get accepted into Affiliate Network. When you’re promoting products and tracking your conversion/sales you will need a website too so this is a must. Here’s a tutorial video on how to do this.

Summary of the video

1) Buying a domain: I had to ‘buy’ the name just like any other website had to buy their domain name. Basically you’re purchasing the rights to use this name along with the ‘space’. I use GoDaddy and/or CrazyDomains. It really doesn’t matter to me what I use. A Domain Name usually costs about $10/year which is nothing.

2) Website Hosting: Once you have your domain name, you need to ‘host it’. Meaning, you need to make it accessible to the world wide web. I have used BlueHost for this in the past but have recently switched to a BeyondHosting VPS Server. Many people recommend dedicated servers as your website will load faster and will generally have less downtime then shared hosting. I used BlueHost for a long time and still made $100’s a day in profit so I would recommend them at the start if your still learning as they’re only about $5 a month which is not much at all. You can always switch to a VPS Server if you want later on when you get more serious.

3) WordPress: WordPress is a website building program. It’s the one I used to make this one. You’ll find it on the control panel section of your BlueHost log in. Once you install it, you can start building your website which you’ll need to get approved into Affiliate Networks.

Website: Using wordpress, you should have a simple website. Make it a small blog and put just enough content on it so when you provide it to affiliate networks later, they’ll see that it’s legit.

2) Joining an Affiliate Network: 

I’ve mentioned in part one to join MaxBounty. I forgot to mention that they pay you $1000 bonus if you can hit $1000 for your first 3 consecutive months. I’m nearly on my way there so it can be done if you work hard! This should make up for your initial investment or any losses you’ve incurred so far. Join through any of my links so i can see how you’re going!

3) Choosing a Traffic Source:

There are hundreds of these. I mainly use LeadImpact, TrafficVance and 50OnRed as my traffic sources and about 95% of my current income comes from them. I mostly use PPV which is different to PPC methods such as Google and Facebook. PPV generates pop-ups via toolbar installations. They charge as low as 1 cent per pop up which is dirt cheap! I suggest you go with PPV for now as it’s easier to get sales as a newbie this way. I’ll also be giving away some of my campaigns in part 4 so you can get your first conversion :).

4) Tracking: 

Once you’ve done the above you need to set up your tracking. Tracking allows you to see what keywords/URL Targets are getting you sales. It spits out graphs and data so you can monitor your affiliate progress. Example below,


There are two main companies that provide a good tracking service. Prosper202 & CPVLab. I use prosper since it’s free but many people LOVE CPVLab. Prosper202 does the job for me and over time I’ve become accustomed to it so naturally I’ll recommend this to you guys. The above screenshot is from prosper202, showing me that the last two keywords are giving me sales. Now all I have to do is delete the top 5 and I’m in pure profit!

Make sure you have your tracking set up before you start campaigns. Tracking is usually the determining factor between those that succeed in this business and those that don’t. Here’s a tutorial video on how to do this,


Cool, so now you should know enough to begin promoting products, Let’s set up your first campaign.

Part 3: Setting up your first campaign

Written by Mateen