Since I’m still fairly new to the whole paid affiliate marketing industry, I wanted to write about how my mindset has changed since the beginning. Also, what I was doing then and what I’m doing differently now. I will probably cover some things that I’ve gone through before but most of this should be new.

The Beginning

I started to learn about paid affiliate marketing around the start of July 2013 which is just shy of 3 months ago, (at the time of writing this post). I spent a good two weeks just reading, watching and in general absorbing tonnes of information, (like you’re doing here). As I read and came across valuable information, I would type it in a notepad which I had open at all times. I still do this when I come across good ideas or read/watch something worth noting. After two weeks I thought I had a good idea and decided to jump in to something. I tried about 10 campaigns, mainly trying to sell physical products on FaceBook, Google and Bing. I did a short affiliate marketing case study here of my first few campaigns. Check em out, they’re a good read 🙂

I had absolutely no luck. Now looking back I would say my campaigns were really bad. From keyword selection to landing page design, I can see why I got no conversions! I was about $300-$400 down at this point but something in my mind told me that I just HAD to keep going and if others could do it so could I. I remember getting very demotivated when I’d lose a lot of money. My biggest loss was about $80 which was a lot to lose in a single day. I was progressing internally though. As I continued, my campaigns got better and better and I started to learn where I wanted to spend my money. The thing about your campaigns not working out at the start is that it forces you to go read and learn more. This contributes to your knowledge growth and actually makes you a better affiliate marketer. I think it’s always good to fail plenty of times at the start, so when you hit success you know it wasn’t a fluke and you can capitalize and grow that success in bigger.

Success in August

About 3 weeks later, (12/8/2013), I decided to join AffPlaybook, (You can join through any of these links to get the MAX discount of $20 Off per month for life).  This is where everything changed. Previously to this I was looking for a mentor or someone who could guide me make better decisions. Affiliate Marketing was getting costly and although I had a lot of money to experiment with, I still needed an income! Once I joined AffPlaybook I was initially disappointed at first because I was looking for PPC information. AffPlaybook actually specializes on PPV which I am heavily involved in now. I later realized that it DOES have a lot of very valuable PPC information which I learned and started using in my campaigns. It’s probably the best paid forum for newbies because of the price and the mentoring you get by the super affiliates there.

I started a ‘follow along campaign’ thread where I posted everything I was doing with my campaigns. People would help me out and provide a lot of advice which I implemented. Pretty much my very first day I got a 3 conversions! I was ridiculously happy, the happiest I’ve ever been. I had said to myself before that even if I can get ONE sale in this industry, that’s proof to me that I can make this work. This was the moment for that proof. As days went by I kept posting my progress on that forum and kept seeing more and more sales as people kept giving me advice.

Come September

This month I’ve been slowly moving out of ‘completely doubtful newbie’ to somewhat ‘newbie/intermediate’ mode. I still have a LOT to learn and have barely scratched the surface but am generating $2,000+ for MaxBounty who’ve said that if I keep this up for 3 months they’ll give me $1,000 bonus! How good’s that? This should cover my losses and I should be in complete profits soon, (hopefully, fingers crossed).

Most of this month has been spent learning about landing page rotation, little tricks and tips to make your campaigns more profitable, experimenting with different traffic sources, building relationships with affiliate managers and traffic source reps, getting faster and faster and throwing out campaigns and just basically fine tuning my skills. I also started this blog just to post my thoughts on and to see if it’ll help anyone. Hopefully it does.

I always measure myself monthly and ask myself if I feel that I’ve progressed, ‘knowledge wise’ or not. Whether or not I’m making money, that’s not the main focus, as long as I’m learning heaps, I’m happy. This should be your mindset too. I have faith it will all come together at the end and so should you.

This journey is full of ups and downs but as you get better you’ll be able to have much more ups and then downs. All you have to do now is take some action.

Hope you guys enjoyed the read!

Written by Mateen