I thought it would be kind of fun to write about what I ACTUALLY do on an average day at ‘work’. This is usually the same thing Monday – Sunday since I like affiliate marketing and hardly take a break from it. I usually end up doing at least 2 to 4 hours of work on Saturday and Sunday as well. I just can’t help myself! Anyway here goes,

3:00am – Alarm goes off. I usually feel like going back to sleep but at the same time am curious to see if I’ve made any sales. I turn on my phone and check my stats. Usually I’ve made a good amount of sales so naturally I check my stats on prosper202. I’ll be now able to see exactly what lead to that conversion/sale. Once I have this information my sleep is normally gone and I’m excited to get up and test a few things. Before I get out of bed though I list down a bunch of ideas I get while checking my stats and make a short ‘to-do’ list. (It usually ends up being anything but short..).

3:30am – By this time I’m on my Laptop, sitting on my bed just reading a little bit on AffPlaybook or forums to see if there is any good, new information I can add to my skill set. I also have a bunch of questions to ask people, (since I’m still learning), so I get onto Skype to see if there are any Affiliate Managers or Traffic Source reps around and shoot across a bunch of questions. I usually ask things like, what offers are doing good out of offer ‘x’ and offer ‘y’. I find Traffic Source reps VERY valuable as you can basically tell them what you’ve tried in your campaigns and they’ll tell you some tips which can really change your profitability.

4:15am – Now I make sure I am actually DOING an ‘actionable task’. This could mean, creating new landing pages on GimpShop, building more campaigns, testing other keywords/URLs. I usually make sure I do a good, solid 2-3 hours of this before 7-8am.

7:00am – I take a short, 20-30 minute nap

7:30am – I’m up and curious about my stats again. I pretty much repeat what I did from 3:00am to 7:00am but am more relaxed this time as I feel like I’ve already accomplished what I needed to. I’ll spend a bit more time reading or chatting on forums to get some new ideas. I’ll try/test a few more things if I feel like it but like I said, I’m more relaxed so I’ll go down and get something to eat or chill out downstairs with my parents to see what they’re up to.

12:00: I take another 20-30 minute nap here somewhere

12:30+: Now I just go with the flow. If I think of a good idea I implement it, if not I just chill out around the house. This is the benefit of my 3:00am-7:00am session. Since no ones around to bother me I get a good amount of ‘focused work’ done so I already feel like I’ve done my fair share of work for today. I may call up some friend who are free or hang out outside/around the house. Two days out of Three I usually do another 2 hours of work here somewhere. This continues all the way till about 5:00pm.

5:00pm: I take another nap here, once again 20 minutes. I love 20 minute napes 🙂

5:30pm+: Try any ideas I think of but usually I go hang out with friends. This goes on till 11:00pm. I do one last check on my stats and go to sleep, ready for the next day!

Sleeping Time: 5 hours

Work Time: 6-10 hours

Kick back Time: about 10 hours 😉

This of course is not 100% of the time but it definitely is how 5-6 out of my 7 days go. I’ve trained myself to this sleep cycle after months and months of trying so if you want to do it too don’t be disheartened after a few failed attempts. You don’t HAVE to work like me, 1 or 2 hours of really good focused work sometimes is more than enough. Many affiliates just work 3 to 4 hours a day but I tend to work when I feel like it, which usually ends up being about 8 hours.

Let me know if you want me to expand on any points. That’s it for now, I think it’s just about time for another nap :p


Written by Mateen