As of late, I’ve been using 50Onred quite extensively. I absolutely love their platform and their support is awesome. When I first signed up I was able to have a long chat with one of their traffic reps. I was able to note down the main ‘take-aways’ from the skype chat and will share them here for you guys.

Before I do though, I’ll give you a brief overview of the services they provide. 50OnRed provide Pops, Intext and a Search Network to meet your advertising needs. There’s a bunch of stuff they won’t allow you to advertise which are,

  • Adult/Pornography
  • Downloadable products such as Adware, Anti-spyware, Toolbars, etc
  • Alcohol/Cigarettes/drugs, etc
  • Landing Pages that bring up more pop-ups.

I’ve been told these are all a no-no which is good anyway, I never promote the above. I think there may be some more. You should read their terms & conditions before using them.

The main thing I’ve been experiencing success with however, is their ‘In-text Advertising’. In-text if you don’t already know looks something like this,

It’s charged on a CPC basis but is dramatically cheaper than normal CPC search networks such as Google & Bing.


My Chat with a 50OnRed Traffic Rep

  • Survey offers do REALLY well as long as you ensure there are no ‘downloadable’ products/service in the path.
  • Bid on more general keywords, you don’t have to look for ‘long-tail/specific’ keywords here.
  • U.S consists of about 50% of the traffic
  • In-text is about 2.5 years old with 50OnRed
  • Pops have been available since May1st 2013
  • Again, Stick to short-tail keywords! One word keywords gets you loads of traffic but in my experience the two word phrases get a decent amount too. They also convert a bit better since they’re slightly more targeted.
  • e.g, bid for ‘auto insurance’ over ‘cheap auto insurance’
  • Cheaper clicks in Italy, Spain or France.
  • 50OnRed in-text guide
  • During the day ads are approved within 20 minutes
  • To find good keywords, google the type of offer and see what the top paid and organic search results are. Then find target keywords on them.
  • People try pay-per-call but was recommended not to start with them
  • Can use prosper to track. Use {keyword} as your keyword token
  • U.S bids start at $0.10
  • For the Search Advertising Platform, always select broad match due to the low traffic.

So far, that’s all I’ve got. I’ll add more as I go so stay tuned!

Oh yeah, and add more at the bottom of this if you can 🙂


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Written by Mateen