COST: $950.57
REVENUE: $687.53
P/L: -$263.04

daily stats graph2


Wow, where to begin!

First 2 weeks

Till about 11/08/2013, I did more or less the same thing. Started a couple of new campaigns promoting other products/services. The whole making a website for each one was getting annoying and very time consuming. I read a lot about Google Quality Score but just couldn’t get my score above 2/10. It was pretty frustrating.

The failing campaigns were testing my patience. With each campaign I was certain I was going to get a sale. Although I knew I was still new to this it was crushing to see absolutely no sales after $100s of dollar spent! Failing was getting expensive but I had a lot of money so I decided to continue. I wrote about my failed campaigns here if anyone wants to see how pathetic my attempts were haha. (Now looking back they were set up so poorly)!


I know I’m starting to sound like a broken record but on the 11th August I joined AffPlaybook. Read a tonne of stuff, signed up with leadimpact, started a follow along and set up my first campaign. Next day made my first 3 sales in PPV! (The crappy $0.70 on Amazon in July doesn’t count :p). I made about $15.75 in revenue for a $5.00 spend on that campaign. I was stoked!

One of the best feelings in the world is the tipping point when your dreams start to become real in front of your eyes. This was that moment for me. The moment where I realized I’ve finally made money online. I had made money with Amazon a couple of years ago via SEO but that was so time consuming, the thought of it disgusted me. I made more money in a day then I had for months during SEO and was crazy excited. I immediately posted my results on my AffplayBook follow along and continued expanding my campaign. I just listened to the advice they gave and kept going. As days went by, I was making more and more sales.

At this point I had stopped everything else and was solely focused on LeadImpact PPV. It was working well and I wanted to capitalize on it as much as I could! After my first day of 3 sales the conversions slowed down to about 1-2 a day but during the end of the month I had a good 6-8 day sales which was a cool $30-$50 revenue! I was spending a lot though so most of those days were not profitable. Negative ROI has never troubled me, (except for the start of this month a bit), because I always understood that the nature of business requires an initial loss which I like to call a ‘knowledge investment’, followed by a stack of carefully planned, experienced chess moves which is where you start making your money.

By the end of the month I was quite satisfied with my development. I had made my first proper sale and was crazy motivated to make this work. I was also making more and more sales so I know my months spent learning were finally paying off. At the end of the month I ended up generating almost $1000 in sales and had my first proper affiliate month.


✓ Made my first significant sale

✓ Affiliate marketing as a long term career was becoming a reality

✓ Found a working system to generate sales

✓ Networked with people on AffPlayBook who are happy to publicly coach me

✓ Made my first $10 profit day!


Goal for next month? End up with a complete week of overall profit.

[September Report]


Written by Mateen