COST: $268.22
REVENUE: $0.00
P/L: -$268.22

daily stats

Although there’s a lot of red here and a total loss of $268.22, I’ve definitely learned a lot and in the end that’s what matters to me.


bar chart


Bar Charts make sense when compared along side progressive months to spot trends so hopefully this will be more useful in my later updates.


This graph is good to spot trends as well. Again later months should look better but the only thing I can gather from this is, if I keep following this trend I’ll be in debt before I hit Christmas haha. But in all serious I know this is temporary till I learn enough to start making better decisions. We’ll wait for my next updates

Thoughts on the Industry

My first month with Paid Affiliate Marketing or ‘PPC’. Most of this month was spent learning new about the industry. There’s just so many ways to make money in PPC it’s amazing. I was initially doubtful on whether or not this industry is already saturated but am slowly realizing that there is AMPLE opportunity to make money online via PPC. The internet is still 15 years or so young and people STILL don’t know how to use simple websites such as eBay. I think we’re still in early days and will be for a while. PPC seems to be forever evolving and I’ve heard there’s plans for PPG, (Pay Per Glance) with Google Glasses! Simply Amazing.

Learnings and Resources

A lot of the top resources I used to learn from are on the ‘Beginner Resources‘ page for anyone who wants to get up to speed on things. I also read around random forums and watched plenty of videos to keep learning. The first part of this week was spent doing this as there was just so much information to take in.

Action: First Campaigns

I started off promoting my FaceBook page on FaceBook. was supposed to be my ‘long-term’ affiliate strategy somewhat similar to ‘thisiswhyimbroke’. I thought it would work well if I made the sharing aspect of each post very simple. For a $5 spend per day I was getting 2 -4 likes which wasn’t bad but I didn’t really know how long it would take till I started to see a return. I spent about $50 before switching to something else. I made one sale on Amazon pocketing $0.70 commission WOOHOOO! Lol..

I then started promoting Graphics Tablets through No sale yet and am thinking to switch to something else soon. Although I’m down about $300 I’m learning plenty so I know I’ll get there. I think I’ll give up if I can honestly sit down and say I’ve tried everything, applied everything and there isn’t really cut out for me. Although I’m quite sure my stubbornness won’t let that happen :p


✓ Made my first affiliate campaign

✓ Learned how to market on FaceBook

✓ Learned how to market on Google


Not much to report this month as it’s just been a lot of learning, hopefully I’ll have something interesting in August!

[August Report]

Written by Mateen