COST: $3,237.19
REVENUE: $3,083.47
P/L: -$153.72


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Time flies when your having fun. At the time of writing this it’s 30/09/2013, (in Australia), and this month has seriously flown by. I’ve definitely learned a lot this month. more than I have in July and August. Probably because I was crazy motivated and have been slugging it out in front of my computer for 8+ hours every day including weekends. (Zombies ain’t got nothing on me).

I remember thinking that this would be an awesome lifestyle where I’d have a lot of time to do the things I want. Although this is true later one, in the short term you have to work you butt off! It took me a while to realize this. I think this is where many people give up, they think they should see results straight away and give up when they lost some money or don’t see results within their first week. I’ve known of people who have gone 6+ months not even making a sale! Guess what? Now they’re super affiliates generating millions/year.

Start-Mid Month

The month began with an almost $20 profit followed by 11 straight days of loss. I Ended up losing almost $400. Why? Probably because I was testing a bunch of things. I realized two of my offers were of the same merchant so if they decide to pull out then my revenue would drop to 0. That was a scary thought so most of the start of this month was testing more and more campaigns. I think I put up like 10 in the space of 5 days. I learned a tonne of what to do and what not to do’s so I’m glad that was the route I took.

After testing testing testing, I decided on cutting back on the things that didn’t work and so was seeing some green. I also had my first $100+ revenue day! One of my offers converted like crazy and made my around $60 for a $10 spend. My other offers ended up doing pretty good too so on the 14/09/2013 I made about $150 in revenue out of which approximately $40 was profit. Nearly hit one of my targets of $50 profit day! I know if I keep following this trend I’ll be hitting $100 profit days in no time.

I also learned a bunch of things from Affiliate Managers and Traffic Source Representatives. I also started experimenting with In-text traffic. For those that don’t know, in-text is when you hover over a text link and a small pop up window comes up marketing a product. It’s pretty good since you can market pretty much anything. It’s also fairly new compared to internet marketing so there’s still plenty of opportunity.

Here’s some guides if you want to learn about it.

I suggest TrafficVance or 50OnRed, their support is awesome! Only downside is the initial deposits are $1,000 and $500 respectively. Don’t be afraid by these numbers though, it’s all a learning investment. Affiliate Marketing, although this sounds weird, should not be about making money at the start. It should be about learning WHAT makes money. It takes money to make money, I’m sure you’ve heard this before. Once you get past this mental hurdle it’s all downhill from there, (in a good way).

I’m also starting to learn that you have to just keep throwing out campaigns. Too much time spent on analyzing your winning campaigns and trying to juice every dollar from it by testing landing pages, targets, etc is very time consuming. You can be spending time on building more campaigns that could become winners later on.

There are a few things that changed my winning campaigns performance though that are worth noting.

1) I got a 25% increase in pay for my main offer which was now bringing in a steady profit of about $30-$60 on autopilot. Ps, don’t be afraid to ask for a pay bump when your making some sales. Just tell your AM that a pay bump would help you test more, thus expand your campaigns, (which is true).

2) I learned how to rotate landing pages. This has been doing my head in for a good month. I just couldn’t figure it out for some reason. I finally realized what I was doing wrong and started testing some landing pages. Within a few tests I found a landing page that almost doubled my sales! I was shocked at the results. It’s been a good two weeks since I’ve been using it and it’s still performing awesome. Some of the targets I cut out because they weren’t profitable I brought back in and now they ARE profitable! This has changed the game for me completely.

3) Expanded to more traffic sources. I tried 50OnRed & TrafficVance. It took me a while to get used to their system but my winning campaign and it’s awesome landing page are performing just as good! Again almost doubling my sales.

Later on I’ll be doing some case studies to show how I do all this so stay tuned. Might do it in the next month or two.

End of the Month

As the month is coming to a close I’ve hit a few milestones. As noted above I hit my first $50 profit day and one full profitable week! I also wanted to add that I ALMOST had a $100 profit day. It was on the 19th. On that same day $60 of my money was spent testing a couple of offers I had my eyes on. Had I not done that I would have hit $100. It’s not about the records though it’s about learning so I’m still glad I did this.

I feel I’ve progressed immensely this month. I’m slowly cracking the code and am developing a routine. You can check my daily routine here. Once I have 4-5 profitable campaigns and this blog is running steady I think I’ll relax a bit but till then I’m going to continue working like crazy.


✓ Hit $50+ profit day

✓ Hit a week of overall profit

✓ Learned how to rotate landing pages

✓ Found out how to properly use 50OnRed’s traffic platform


See yall in October 🙂

[October Report]


Written by Mateen