Sweet, now you’ve set up everything and even made a conversion! NICE! You’re ahead of many people in this industry that would have given up by now.

You may find a few targets that are bringing you in some conversions. But the thing we need to look out for here is CONSISTENCY. I think inconsistency in conversions is the biggest killer of profits. You may find a few keywords/URLs that have bought you a sale or two but many days they bring you NO sales. This is not a target you should keep as it’s demographic is not as targeted as you need it to be.

Over the few days of running your campaign you should have a fair idea as to which keywords/targets are bringing in consistent conversions. The steps I take from here on wards are as follows,


• Take out a notepad and list all consistently converting keywords/targets on one file and all targets that have at least one conversion on another.

• Take a step back and visit these URLs to try and see WHY these are converting more than the others. Are they similar offer websites or information websites? After doing a bit of research I come up with a bunch of different ideas.

• I also see if there are any SUB URL possibilities. For example if example.com bought me a conversion, I’ll try example.com/help, example.com/support, example.com/home. You get the idea?

• I also use the keyword expander tool on affplaybook, ($20 Off Discount Link, to try out variations of the converting targets. Sometimes I’m able to find targets that convert better than then main target this way!


• I implement these ideas and see what data I get back.

After a couple of weeks of this you should have a big bunch of Targets that are bringing you in consistent conversions. The next step is to set up your campaign so your making profit. Usually after this I just ‘maintain’ this campaign and work on building more.

Part 6: Profiting



Written by Mateen