Wow we’re 4 months in already?




 REVENUE: $5,504.46
COST: $4,015.67
P/L: +$1,488.79



daily stats



This is why I like these line/trend graphs because I can see that my spending, (costs), were resulting in more revenue hence I was spending in the right places! Excluding the end when I changed hosting, (explained below).

First Profitable Month!

I knew it was just a matter of time till things take shape and I hit profitability but i did not expect to make more than $1,000 profit this month! It was definitely a great feeling but looking back I did change my game plan a little. I basically cut everything but what was working and concentrated just on that. Kind of like the 80/20 rule. Another awesome thing is MaxBounty gave me a $1000 Bonus for generating three consecutive months of $1000 revenue days! (Which is why I recommend them to a lot of newbies, I think if you join through my link above, you’ll get accepted easier).

Early in the Month

i continued where I had left off last month, continually pumping out campaigns. It got to a stage where I had at least 5-10 campaigns at one time in ‘test’ mode. Of course this is great to learn at the start you can have some really bad ROI days since you’re still throwing things out there and seeing what sticks. I decided somewhere around the second week of this month to try a different approach. I had a great campaign that had huge potential for expanding but I hadn’t given it the attention it needed. I decided to drop everything else and concentrate on this ONE campaign. Nothing else.

Mid Month

I spent a lot of time finding other traffic sources to expand to and cutting back on all the ‘test’ stuff I was doing for other campaigns. This way I cut my costs drastically, (almost by half). I’ve currently settled for three main traffic sources. LeadImpact, 50OnRed & TrafficVance. i also decided to do some research into my converting targets/keywords for my winning PPV campaign. I started to list sites that although, not directly related to my offer had some-what a similar demographic. For example if I was doing a car insurance offer I would have listed every category of websites got to do with cars such as car selling websites, car parts websites, car wheels merchants, government websites got to do with getting your car on the road, car mods services websites, etc, etc. I listed a good 100, mainly high traffic URLs like this and decided to give them a shot. i was shocked at the fact that a lot of them started converting! I cut out the non-performers within a week and during the 3rd/4th week I was hitting some massive profit days, (for me at least)! I had a $220 profit day which was more than I had ever made before.

End of Month

After posting my ‘success story’ on AffPlayBook I received a lot of advice on changing my hosting to a ‘dedicated VPS’. Many people recommended BeyondHosting so I decided to give them a go. During the transfer of my site content I screwed up the name servers which had my site down for a bit. I had also changed all the tracking scripts for my landing pages and screwed that up too hence the red figures during the last 3 days. I’m working on fixing these ASAP but through the transfer process I’ve realized that my campaign set up was too messy and I was losing a lot of money not being able to properly analyze the data I was receiving from these campaigns. For this reason my goal for next month is to neaten up my campaigns set up, find some more quality traffic sources, get to a point with this campaign where I’m satisfied with where it’s at and move on to building another campaign.



✓ Hit $200+ profit day

✓ Hit an overall profitable month

✓ Broke even with my ‘overall costs’ and started profiting

✓ Reached 3 consecutive $1000+ revenue months for MaxBounty which resulted in a $1000 performance bonus!

✓ Switched to dedicated hosting

✓ Realized demographic research is very important

✓ Realized you need to come to a point where you’re satisfied with your campaign hence switching focus to building another campaign.

✓ Realized that you need to only test as many campaigns as you can adequately focus on, or you’ll lose a lot of money. For me this is 2 or 3 at max.


Overall, I’ve learned a lot this month. I’ve realized that it is definitely possible to have a long term career in Affiliate Marketing but you need to be able to diversify your business. I’m sill kind of paranoid my offer will get pulled which will put me back to square one. I’m working on some long-term websites which I will start writing about soon!

Good luck to everyone on the same hustle  🙂


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Written by Mateen