REVENUE: $4,987.6
COST: $3,810.70
P/L: +$1,176.90



daily statsgraph5


Kicked Off a Traffic Source

So, for some reasons one of my biggest PPV traffic sources doesn’t allow me to promote my winning offer which is pretty stupid considering every other traffic source does. I don’t do anything even borderline shady so I really have no idea why. My guess is they run it themselves internally or something. Anyway, so this significantly kicked my revenue projections a bit off track. I was hoping for a $3,000 profitable month which I was fairly confident I would have hit if this didn’t happen. Oh well, I guess this only goes to prove you need to continuously build campaigns to keep your stability in this business! I would like to admit that ever since I’ve hit an offer that’s fairly consistently profitable, I’ve become VERY lazy with building offers, testing new things. I also find myself holding back on testing because I don’t want to report a ‘loss’ day and try aim for an overall profitable month. Although the main thing we should be focusing on IS profit, at the start you should be concerned with just testing campaigns, which you WILL lose money on, initially.

Cleaned up my tracking + campaign Set-up

Something I’ve been wanting to do for ages! When I first started tracking via Prosper202, I’d set up many test campaigns and over the course of 2-3 months had built a pretty ugly prosper account. Ugly in the sense there was just too much going on and I couldn’t tell which campaigns were the ones I’m currently running and which ones I’ve stopped. This was the same with my PPV accounts and the way I had set up my campaigns. I cleaned everything up and it straight away let me identify when I had been outbid or any other significant changes or anything noteworthy/concerning had occurred. Now onwards I make sure my accounts look neat and tidy so I can quickly work on what needs attention. It may not seem like a big deal but in my case was losing me $100’s of dollars!

Concentrated on other traffic sources

There’s always positives that come out of unexpected events. Getting kicked off my most profitable traffic source forced me to concentrate on learning how to expand on new ones. I tried a few others with the data I had accumulated over the course of 2-3 months and ended up increasing my revenue with them significantly! This new knowledge will let me scale other campaigns and should pay off in the long run. Only time will tell. My advice is to consistently look for other traffic sources you can scale too. It can be a fairly simple process, just duplicating your winning campaign and in some cases, some URLs just convert better.

MaxBounty $1,000 Bonus

I always talk about these guys but there definitely is a reason why! I started off pretty well with them and as soon as I signed up, the next month I had a $1,000+ revenue month. I was made aware that they have a promotion going on where new affiliates who generate $1,000+ per month for their first 3 months consecutively will get a $1,000 bonus! (Note: that means $1,000 x 3 = $3,000+ by end of the third month). Well this happened this month so I was told I’ll get paid the bonus in December. This is one of the reasons why I recommend these guys. You can sign up through my referral link which SHOULD get you in easier. If not, let me know and I’ll talk to my Affiliate Manager about getting you in!

Last couple of weeks

During the end of the month I started gearing down as i had to get ready for my vacation to India. I’ll be here for a good 6 weeks and will most likely have little time to concentrate on my business. Actually for the majority of this month  was working very little on my campaigns, rarely testing things as much as I wanted! One cool thing is that I confirmed that I CAN actually work in other countries which I might make a blog post about.

I would also like to add that there seems to be a pretty large variation in revenue across the 30 days. It goes to show that you have to take the stats on this business on a weekly or monthly basis to see where you’re at. I didn’t really do anything differently on the days the my revenue dropped, (near the end of the month), although I did notice someone had outbid me on one of my superstar URLs. They bid was ridiculous though, almost 10 cents, (LOL), so I knew they’d drop it in a couple of days. I just left my bid where it was and sure enough they dropped their bids.



✓ Hit 3 months in a row of $1,000+ revenue with Maxbounty which resulted in a $1,000 bonus, stoked!

✓ ALMOST hit 10 unique visitors/day on my blog which sounds small but is a record for me with this blog.

✓ Confirmed that I can continue with this business if I were overseas, (India in particular).

✓ Cleaned up my Prosper202 account and campaign set-up, realized it’s important to keep neat and organised as there’s $$$ on the line.

✓ Record $144 profit on 50OnRed along realized. I think if I had my other traffic source working with this offer, I would have hit a record day :(. Oh well.

✓ Realized competitor keywords are pretty good converters with intext traffic.


Overall, it’s been a really slow month. I haven’t done much to test campaigns and most of my time was spent just working on this website and being active on AffPlaybook.

Hopefully I can gear up BIG time during December although I’ll spend the full month in India.

That’s all for now, see ya’ll around!

Written by Mateen