It’s 2014 and it’s been around 20 years since the birth of affiliate marketing. If you’ve been investigating affiliate marketing for a while you would know that back in the day it was pretty easy to earn money via Google PPC affiliate marketing. Now, not so much but can you still make money in 2014 via Google PPC? Absolutely! And yes, for the lazy people, via direct linking 😉

It’s been a while since I’ve posted about something other than my monthly reports. Mainly due to the fact that I was overseas didn’t have anything to blog about! It’s been about a good week, (on & off), getting back into things and I’m pretty much back into work mode.

Recently, I’ve been moving away from the PPV platform and have been concentrating my efforts into Google PPC – Direct Linking – SaS, (shareasale), merchants. After taking the master classes with AffPlaybook, (TOTALLY WORTH IT), I’ve learned a bunch of strategies to get me some online mullah. They were surprisingly simpler than I thought and after implementing some strategies I was quickly hitting $100 days again.

I decided that I would just pick one, and stick to it for a long while. This is actually a modification of one of the strategies, something REALLY REALLY simple, but just as powerful.

There’s 3 steps here.

1) Choose a merchant that pays out a decent ‘average commission’, (for me this is $6+), on Shareasale or any other physical product affiliate network. (Make sure you read these in their Terms & Conditions related to PPC!).
2) Find their ‘best selling’ products and create your custom link on SaS for them.
3) Bid on 3-6 related & specific keywords for these products. (for example, for the acoustic guitar niche, try bidding and linking to ‘left handed acoustic guitars’, ‘left hand acoustic guitars’, ‘left hand guitars’, etc. Make sure you’re linking straight to this product and not the merchants front page.
4) For your ads, make sure the keyword, in this case ‘left handed acoustic guitars’, is displayed in the header & in one of the description text boxes.
5) Set your bids to about 30-50 cents and see if you get clicks. Raise this SLOWLY, (by 5 cents) if you’re not getting impressions. Google often tells me that my bids aren’t even enough for the first page – but I still end up getting a decent amount of clicks & high CTRs.

The trick here is to find merchants with good quality scores, and to try and increase your ad CTR. As your ad CTR increases, and google likes your campaign better you’ll be charged less for your clicks. (I’ve gone from paying 25 cents per click to 6 cents per click over the course of 10 days! Mind you, my CTR for these ads are double digits, usually around 15%.

Another trick is to build HEAPS of these. Don’t just build 2 or 3, build hundreds. Do like 10-20 a day. Over the course of the month you might find only 4 or 5 winners out of 100-200 merchants, but that should be enough to hit $100+ profit days.

I’m still doing this and every now and then I find profitable campaigns. The cool thing here is, expanding your campaign is fairly simple. Just duplicate it to more countries and more quality traffic sources, (Bing).

Anyway, as you can see it’s not very complicated, just get started and see what you get 🙂

Any Questions?

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Written by Mateen