One of the most attractive features for me of the Affiliate Marketing lifestyle was the concept of passive income. I mean, who wouldn’t want to be able to take a break from work and still have money coming in? The concept was something people dream about and here, I had stumbled on something that could it make it a reality.

But is it really this way? Chilling on the beaches of Maldives, sipping Coconut juice out of a fresh Coconut while having money constantly topping up your international bank account?

Yes and No. Through my 6 or so months doing this full-time and earning almost $6,000 in pure profit I think I can some-what see what my lifestyle will be like if I do continue this.

Yes because,

  • You CAN sometimes take a day or maybe even a week completely off, and if you have a stable set of campaigns that have been performing well, chances are they will continue to perform well. I have a campaign that brings me a good $100 a day in profits, and has been for a good 3 months, with me pretty much doing nothing other then spending about 10 hours setting it up and another 10 hours split testing a bunch of different things.
  • Direct, Paid Affiliate Marketing does, some-what depend on you monitoring statistics like a hawk on a daily basis so you can spot dieing campaigns/keywords/URLs, etc. BUT, if you’re, at the same time, exploring different, more long term affiliate revenue streams, where you get paid not just for the initial sale, but also for every time the customer is charged for continuing their subscription for the particular service, (Paid Forums, Web Hosting, etc), then you definitely can take some serious vacations/time off. As long as the services your providing are of GREAT value then customers have little reason to leave which means you continue to get paid! A perfect example is the Affplaybook Affiliate sales I’ve made through this very blog. They bring me in a cool $50-$100 a month and are steadily on the rise.
  • Long term strategies are very lucrative if you’re willing to spend the time and money on them. They are a great test of patience but you can get to a point where you’re constantly making money doing almost nothing.

No because,

  • Every business has a life cycle. Merchants change there terms and conditions, close down, traffic sources dry up, trends die out, better products enter the market, etc, etc. Whatever you’re promoting, there will come a stage, eventually, where you’re revenue will be lower then your costs, thus bringing you a negative ROI. For this reason you need to be on a constant hunt to get new campaigns out there that are bringing you profits, so you can neutralize this to a degree.
  • Traffic Sources Dry Out: I didn’t really know what this means until I experienced it first hand. This particularly happens in PPV or even FaceBook but basically the demographic population you’re targeting have all pretty much seen your add and have either bought in or have ignored it. Eventually, you will end up marketing to the same people, thus not many will take action.
  • Offers get Pulled: Basically, the merchant who you’re promoting decides to end his or hers affiliate partnership with the network you’re with. This happens often and is usually unforeseen. There could be a variety of reasons that have lead to the merchant making this decision but for us affiliates who have been profiting will, it’s bad news.
  • You need to continually be checking your statistics so you can pick up on any major changes with your campaigns and adjust them accordingly.

That’s all I can think of for now but basically this life-style isn’t as passive as it’s sold out to be. Sure, you can have the chance to earn while you’re sleeping some days but especially at the start of your affiliate career, you will be working some really long, tedious hours. It takes some time to establish a business and find a system that works for you. Once you find this, there is definitely potential for passive income.

Hope this helps someone

All the best.

~ Mateen


Written by Mateen