Rarely do I see 50OnRed mentioned when I hear about PPV traffic and it sometimes makes me wonder why…

I’ve got accounts with both LeadImpact & TrafficVance. It’s been 6 months since I’ve had accounts with them and a LOT has changed!

I know it’s unwise to out my main traffic source but I’m just going to put it out there.

50OnRed is my cheapest, most traffic generating, quality traffic source I’ve used to date. Especially as of late. For some reason a month ago, (during late 2013), my traffic almost doubled on my campaigns. I’m not sure what update to credit this to but whatever happened, it’s brought my dying campaigns back to life!

Not to mention the fact that 50OnRed also has a search AND intext traffic platform! I’ve made some money using their intext platform as well so it definitely works.

Right now, both LeadImpact and TrafficVance are requesting a $1,000 initial deposit to open an account with them. That’s right, LeadImpact has increased their deposit amount by $800! WTF

That’s a huge investment for a curious, first-timer, affiliate marketer and considering you can only try PPV traffic with LeadImpact AND their starting bid prices are insanely high, it’s not a good place to start these days. Their traffic quality is definitely good but for $500 you can get into 50OnRed.

When I first joined them I was blown away by how good my traffic rep was and how valuable the ¬†information he gave me was. In fact, I did a whole post about it a while back. The interface is also smooth. It’s definitely become one of the better PPV networks out there and I can vouch for it.

Anyway, I just wanted to let people know, in case your still hesitating on where to start, 50OnRed would be where I would have started if I could rewind the clock 6 month!

~ Mateen

Written by Mateen