Every time I write these reports, I have a ‘wow, that went quick’ moment to myself.

Seriously, January flew by..




REVENUE: $8,925.66

COST: $5,083.75

P/L: +$3,841.91







Anyways, this month was a special month. The Month my affiliate income surpassed my monthly employment income!

During my first year of being a Civil Engineer, (2011), I was getting paid $55,000 p.a. After tax it worked out to be around $3,800 per month. Not bad for the average 22 year old but now looking back, it looks so small for what I know I can achieve with affiliate marketing.

I know if I were to work hard in 2014 & 2015, I should be able to hit 50k+profitable  months by the end of 2015. I know it’s a long way away and for many, it seems like a ridiculous goal, but aiming for something helps me pace myself. I know what needs to be done, I also know HOW it can be done. It’s just a matter of sitting down and doing the work. 8 Hours a day, 5 days a week & I’m not stopping till I get there.

Analyzing This Month


1st Week of Jan + Success with PPC

This week, I was slowly getting back in to the swing of things. I got back from Malaysia/India on around the 3rd so I was taking it easy. I still had my laptop overseas though and was experimenting heavily with what I had learned from Affplaybook Master Classes. Some experiments were giving promising results which had me REALLY motivated to get back into gear when I land in Australia.

I was seeing success with a particular merchant who was on an Australian Affiliate Network. They sold guitars and after a week of running this, I was EASILY having $30-60+ profit days, just with this! My CPC’s reduced to around $0.09 and there was a good amount of volume coming through these misspellings.

I was using REALLY targeted keywords which were converting real nicely. After the end of the 1st week, the merchants changed a few things which had my campaign giving me negative ROI 3 consecutive days in a row! I had to pause the campaign because I knew this wasn’t normal. I might try get it to work later on but I had other campaigns I wanted to attend to.

I wanted to point this campaign out because I learned a lot about Google PPC and how, over time, your CPCs can become VERY cheap! I have campaigns now where I’m being charged around 3-6 cents per click! The longer you run your campaigns and the more ‘quality score & ad CTR’ orientated they are the lesser and lesser you will be charged for clicks.


50OnRed Traffic Boost

Also during the end of the first week of January, my 50OnRed pop traffic spiked MASSIVELY. I don’t know what happened with their back end, but I do know that they were updating their systems and general layout. Whatever it was, it saved my dying campaign that was slowly starting to give me consistent negative ROI’s. It allowed me to make another 2k this month from that PPV campaign. If you’ve seen me around the forums, you’d notice I’m a big advocate for 50OnRed. Their initial deposit is $500 unlike $1000 for TV & LI and their traffic quality is awesome!


My Love for TeeSpring.com

If you’ve been a regular with warriorforum, you would have noticed people talking about this by now. Without getting too much into how it works, it’s basically a crowed funded, ‘customize and sell your own hoodies & tees’ website. You come up with the design and set up a campaign, teespring will handle all the sales and just pay you out your part of the revenue $$$. I’m yet to do a post on how I make money with this but there’s enough info around to get you guys started anyway. I might write something up sometime next week.

Anyway, I read a few case studies and decided to get into it. I use strictly PPC with Facebook & Google. After setting up a few campaigns I quickly hit something REALLY profitable. It was giving me $100-$200 profitable days and is still running!

All I did was made a popular slogan hoodie. I used to freelance design so my designing skills are somewhat ok. I’d design something nice with the slogan and bid on things like “Yolo everyday hoodie”, “yolo everyday black hoodie”, “drake yolo hoodie”, etc, etc.

I bid on broad, exact & phrase but if they’re giving me real bad CTRs I pause them.

If you haven’t got into these guys and you’re new to affiliate marketing, I recommending trying them out! There is still a stack load of money to be made with Teespring.com


First Pay Out With ShareaSale

Been working with these guys for a while but had never actually filled in my payment forms lol. I finally got my first payment which was around $200. I don’t like how it takes about 45 days for a transaction to clear. Since I’m updating my stats almost everyday, I don’t know whether to put my SaS income in since it may be made void before the commission gets locked! Anyway, I’ve had no issues so far so all good. I’m still running a bunch of campaigns with these guys. Just sign up to merchants that allow trade mark bidding and bid on them. You can’t go wrong 😉


Getting Cheaper Clicks on FaceBook & Google

I wrote a whole post on getting cheaper clicks on Google but am yet to make something on FaceBook. Just to break it down, the higher you can get your CTRs, the less these traffic sources will charge you for clicks. If you want to break into these traffic sources consider the following points. P.s – I am by far NOT an expert on this, I’ve just learned a few things recently that I’d like to share.


  • Using a landing page in-between allows you to promote CPA offers without getting banned. I use simple ‘screenshot’ landing pages. They’re nothing fancy, just a big image with a catchy headline that’s fully clickable.
  • Success with FaceBook lies in getting your targeting right. Spend some time learning about your demographic.
  • Keep rotating different images, they contribute most to your CTR which ultimately can get you $0.01 or less clicks!


  • Never promote Click Bank here unless you have a really good landing page in between.
  • Use negative keywords to add keywords you don’t want your ad appearing for. This gets you less of those useless impressions, getting you a higher CTR = cheaper clicks.
  • bid on phrase, exact and occasionally broad. Bid on broad only if the keywords aren’t ‘general’
  • Work on increasing your CTR so your clicks get cheaper. Make sure you’re putting your keywords in the header and ad text of your ads. People are more likely to click through when they see what they’ve typed in.


Negative ROI Shock



Every time I get a really good ROI week, I feel on top of the world, I get complacent and start slacking off! That’s what happened here. It can only be blamed at me taking my hawk eyes off my running campaigns. You NEED to consistently be monitoring your campaigns or you’re just throwing money away. It’s been 3 times now where I’ve been on a really good streak so I start increasing my spend only to start hitting negative ROI days and dropping back again.

I think I’ve learned my lesson this time though. From now on, I’m sticking to a strict $20-$40 spend for each campaign. As soon as I cross that, I’m dropping it.

Remember guys, watch your stats closely and continue to build/test campaigns. If after 100 campaigns you’re not seeing results, you need to find a new method, strategy, process. This is where AffPlaybook comes in handy as it’s filled with case studies, success stories, etc. You can never run out of ideas.


Love My Readers!

Honestly, the only reason I work on this blog is because every now and then I get an email or a comment on one of my posts on how my info has helped someone! It makes this website meaningful as I know how hard it was for me break in. I’ve decided to give this blog a more full-time focus as it’s readership is steadily growing and more and more people are subscribing.

You’ve probably seen me around Warrior Forum, I might do an ‘Ask Me Anything’ type post on Reddit for the guys that want a ‘liveish’ Question & Answer session.



✓ Hit a Record $392.87 profit day! (Crazy)

✓ Affiliate Income this Month > Monthly Employment Income

✓ Broke into Teespring

✓ Found a profitable Teespring Campaign

✓ Set a yearly Goal of $150k Profit

✓ Seriously realized the importance of continuous campaign building, (gold hunting)

✓ Achieved a 10+ Unique visitors Traffic Count for on my Blog for 7 consecutive days


Like I mentioned at the start, this month has been a milestone of a month! Almost 4k in profit is huge for me since I’ve only been in this full time, less then a year. One of the biggest turning points for my income, and I’ve mentioned this MANY MANY times, was joining AffPlaybook and starting a follow along campaign. There’s so many successful people there, that’s it’s just a matter of time till you start seeing results. If you stick to it and take advantage of the master classes, etc, you’ll be learning loads. I HIGHLY recommend joining up.

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before but I’m aiming for a 150k+ profit year this year, (2014). Like I said, I know how to get there, now it’s just doing the work! Can’t wait to see how my daily stats look like at the end of it all 😉

Looking forward to your comments & am always happy to answer any question!

All the best with your business, and best of luck for 2014 – Make it the year of your inner affiliate 😉

~ Mateen


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Written by Mateen