Ouch, ruined my green 35 day streak!


I got complacent here and started slacking off! It can only be blamed at me taking my hawk eyes off my running campaigns. You NEED to consistently be monitoring your campaigns or you’re just throwing money away. It’s been 3 times now where I’ve been on a really good streak so I start increasing my spend only to start hitting negative ROI days and dropping back again.

I think I’ve learned my lesson this time though. From now on, I’m sticking to a strict $20-$40 spend for each campaign. As soon as I cross that, I’m dropping it.

Remember guys, watch your stats closely and continue to build/test campaigns. If after 100 campaigns you’re not seeing results, you need to find a new method, strategy, process. This is where AffPlaybook comes in handy as it’s filled with case studies, success stories, etc. You can never run out of ideas.

Written by Mateen