‘Income Effects’, sounds a tad corny doesn’t it?

Anyway, I had an absolutely amazing idea, (not really), which I thought might be able to benefit a lot of you guys.

From now On I’m going to post about anything related to my income stats that is out of the ordinary. If I have a big spike in income or if I suddenly hit negative ROI days, I’ll put a link to the relevant post in my daily stats page, (next to the excel line).

I think this should help me analyze the situation better and at the same time put it all out there so I can share exactly what’s happening in my affiliate world with my readers.

I’ll add a couple there now so you guys know what I mean! It will look something like the below…


That’s all I wanted to blog about but definitely looking forward to these.

I think the most valuable asset I have here on this site is the daily income stats I’ve been keeping for my business from day 1!

~ Mateen

Written by Mateen