What Is AffPlayBook?

  • It’s where I was coached towards my first $200/day campaign. Keep reading the review and I’ll go through this.
  • Over 5,000 members. Some have made thousands, many have made millions, all are there to learn, help and coach.
  • A group coaching society that holds monthly competitions. People have won laptops, phones, money and most importantly found their first profitable campaign this way.
  • Needless to say, one of the best paid marketing forums currently available to affiliates.

The online world is huge. Without the right direction, you’ll be jumping from one idea to the next never really making any money.

People on AffPlayBook have been at it for years. They know what works and what don’t. They’re not your typical warrior forum members that advise without a clue. They know where the money is.

AffPlayBook 3 Part Video Review

The below videos take you through sections of the Affplaybook forum that offer the most benefit. These sections are filled with years of posts and experiences which give you insight into what has worked for others.

They’re also updated continuously so you can get a feel on what current tactics are working best for Affiliate Marketers.

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AffPlayBook 2016 Review, [My Experience]



An overview of how I utilised the forum to find profitable campaigns that eventually brought in $200-$400/day.

You can NEVER stop learning and the amount of combined affiliate experience the top members of the forum have are invaluable so I continued to ask questions about pretty much anything online income related.

There’s always someone on the forum who has ‘been there’ and ‘done that’, so whatever idea comes to your mind, it’s always a great idea to run it through the forum. This way, you’ll have the best chance of success at the start and will avoid many of the challenges others faced.

AffPlayBook Affiliate Marketing Success Stories, Case Studies & Lessons



One of the most visited sections of the forum. I would suggest spending 2 weeks to go through all this information TWICE, writing down notes and seeing what gets you motivated.

The reality is that there’s hundreds if not thousands of ways to make money on the net, it’s up to you to figure out what you’re happy doing.

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The Importance of Coaching/Direction when Beginning


I’m sure a lot of people, when first hearing about Affiliate Marketing or making money online thought it would be a somewhat simple process. Put some affiliate links on a website and start seeing some sales come through, how hard could be right? Wrong.

Eventually you realize that although the overall formula may be straight forward there are many variables that play a part in the profitability of your campaign(s) and you turning this into a full time or even part-time career.

After about $400 in the hole and not seeing even a single conversion I figured I needed some guidance. I had read about people succeeding after getting some solid coaching but really felt that the  $1,000’s spent on coaching would be better spent on just testing campaigns! After all, although I hadn’t made any money I was definitely learning a lot!

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My Experience with the forum

Eventually one day I came across the concept of paid forums. A place where successful affiliate markers, affiliate managers, traffic representatives all hang out without the baggage of time wasters, it sounded like a great idea. After doing some research and reading some AffPlayBook Reviews I decided to jump right in. A few short days after reading, I decided to take the advice I had heard and get straight into it. Soon I had my very first profitable campaign!

Below is the post I wrote in my ‘follow along’ thread about getting my first conversion!

affplaybook stats

And Davids Feedback: Successful affiliate marketers give you feedback on your progress. This is the power of a  paid affiliate forum.

affplaybook review

At the end of this follow along I actually had 2 profitable campaigns making about $20-$40 a day. I eventually turned this into $200/day and wrote a success story about it.

affplaybook success story

Anyway, this was my experience with Affplaybook. The place that was the tipping point of my affiliate marketing career and what made me realize that making a career our of this IS possible.

David makes an effort to comment on EVERY post in the forum and so your questions will always be answered. The best thing to do is ask a lot of questions. Clear every doubt till you know enough to make money.


Affiliate Marketing Success Stories 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012

Many People who join the affiliate marketing forum are completely new to the whole concept of affiliate marketing. The same people, a few months later post some of the most amazing affiliate marketing success stories!

affiliate marketing success stories 2014 2013 2012


There are almost 200 affiliate marketing success stories, (and counting). It’s inevitable you’ll be one too with enough persistence and with the forum members guiding you throughout the process.

Case Studies

case study There are plenty of Affplaybook Case Studies within the forum showing pretty much exactly how this money was made! I remember reading up on all the case studies I could find on the net so I immediately knew how valuable this information was when i saw it. There are case studies ranging from million dollar campaigns to just getting something basic working. There’s a good mix of PPC, PPV, Facebook and even free traffic source case studies.

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What could be better then step-by-step guides for pretty much anything about affiliate marketing? From Pay Per Call to Mobile Phone Apps, there’s just so much here. It’s normal for people to spend a good two weeks just reading threads from here. i think it’s the perfect pale to start when your knew so you can learn a tonne before jumping in and spending your money.

Follow Alongs’

One of the most powerful thread sections in the whole forum. Follow along threads are basically people posting their progress and stats from DAY 1 and seeing it through till either they give up, or make it work. It’s the perfect styled thread for beginners as we need all the advice we can get. As you keep updating your follow along thread people keep giving you simple tips and tricks to increase your revenue and decrease your costs. Over time and after a lot of working you should be able to get your first profitable campaign!

affplaybook follow along


There are some serious millionaires in this forum. All who participate fairly regularly and are there to advise newbies. You don’t want advice from people who are just beginning or still learning lessons as it doesn’t come with experience backing it. When making money it’s better to learn from those that have made money. A LOT of money. You want people that are friendly and are willing to give you their time to help you get to where you want to be. Hanging around the affplaybook community makes you feel like making millions via affiliate marketing is normal and something you’ll achieve in due time. With all the negativity from your immediate community you’re likely to receive it’s refreshing to be part of a community that makes you feel like you’re not the only one and not believing in a fairy tale.


AffPlayBook is the prefect place for the beginner to get some necessary attention on his progress and network with people within the industry.

You will benefit the most by taking action and posting as much as you can to learn and advice where you can. Like I mentioned above I found my $200/day campaign this way and made above $20,000 in revenue with that alone.

$57 a month is a very small price to pay for pretty much unlimited coaching.

Use the 2016 Affplaybook discount link below when signing up to get $10 off which brings it down to $57/month.

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