That’s a huge number for me. It’s almost 4 times as much as I used to earn as an engineer. I remember when reading threads and case studies of people hitting big numbers, it would all seem so far-fetched. Just 8 months into affiliate marketing I’m hitting similar numbers! Truly amazing feeling.

So What Actually Happened?

Ok, now for the details.

I have 2 main campaigns that keep performing well for me. One’s a CPA offer on Maxbounty I’m promoting via popups ion 50Onred, the other is a teespring campaign that keeps doing well over and over again. I’m not using facebook so there’s not as much risk of market saturation hence it’s continual success.

The other campaigns that are working well are little, $10-$20/day campaigns on Shareasale that I’m also promoting with Google. Usually, this mixture of 4-6 profitable campaigns are performing ok and as you can see by my stats have been bringing me a good $100-$200/day in average.

On this day, these campaigns did better then average and alone netted me about $220. on TOP of this I found an amazingly profitable and scaleable campaign with teespring & facebook.

I’ve been tracking the section for a real long time now and have been noting down the top trending designs for inspirations and clues with targeting. I used to try selling football hoodies back when they were doing really well during season, now you don’t see as much.

What DOES seem to be doing well however are extremely targeted, ‘this hoodie is for YOU’, type styles. Meaning, there are hoodies designed for specifically for people who like dragonball and go to the gym! Like the one below,



Or what about this one for people born in Australia and born in 1964, how targeted is THAT!?



Now without giving too much away, i made something similar to the ones above and BANG it exploded! I sold about 41 in the space of  24 hours. I’m planning on multiplying this 100 fold, (literally), outsourcing design and just pumping out campaigns after campaigns.

So expect some seriously high profit days in the coming weeks and hopefully months if I find another gold mine!

Tip: If you want to be successful with Teespring and Facebook, aim for targetted, greatly designed tees. None of my sloppy designs sold well. None.

Hope this helps people

~ Mateen


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Written by Mateen