Revenue: ~ $7,000

Profit: ~ $5,000

Traffic Source: Google Adwords

Difficulty Level: Easy


The Idea

Those that have been monitoring for the last 2-3 months or so have noticed the ‘cute enough to stop your heart hoodies’ doing exceptionally well quite consistently. Like the below,


After doing some research, I found the below page, (Nurses ~ 87k members), selling it through their facebook page, and they’ve done EXCEPTIONALLY well almost every time! Check out the link below for one of their finished campaigns!





So I started thinking. There has literally been 10,000+ hoodies/shirts sold of this type and I’m sure there are nurses that are NOT connected to this FaceBook page or know about teespring that have seen or heard of their nurse colleagues bragging about it. Why is this useful? Because guess what these nurses search for as soon as they go home?

Nurse Hoodies!

The Plan

So I figured, there would be a lot of nurses searching for these hoodies through google/bing so why shouldn’t I start a google campaign capturing all this traffic and sending them to MY ‘cute enough to steal your heart’ campaign?

Considering Google loves teespring & I could design something better then these, it was a totally plausible idea.

I set up the campaign and boom, I was getting 6, sometimes up to 12 sales a day at around $30 spend in traffic! The funny thing was, I tried selling them at $39.99 & $49.99 and the latter did much better. I was getting about $30 profit for each sale which means I just had to sell one or two to keep in profit. This campaign went on for a solid 2 weeks till it started to drop off and hence lowering it’s popularity.


Why it worked

  • People who were promoting their teespring campaigns were doing so through facebook. No one really thought how to do this via Google hence the little competition.
  • Nurses have money to spend
  • My Ad Copy was great, (you can tell by the CTR)
  • My design was what they were looking for
  • teespring was giving this hoodie free advertising which was generating a lot of interest for me in Google 🙂


Keyword Selection

I think many people over complicate keyword selection when it comes to Google. Just keep it simple and sometimes the best thing to do is sit back and think to yourself what people would type in to get to your product. This is what I did and came up with,


cute enough hoodies

cute enough hoodie

cute enough to stop your heart hoodie

cute enough to stop your heart hoodies

cute enough to stop your heart skilled enough to restart it

cute enough sweat shirts




I bid broad, exact AND phrase. If broad is giving you bad CTR, then pause it.


Ad Copy





I had about 10-20 of these all up as I had to keep restarting the ad group every time my teespring campaign ended.

Tip: Each time I made sure I had at least two different ad copies running at the same time so when I switched the URL link in one to the new teespring campaign it didn’t reset my campaign history.

There’s no reason why these would not work for other tees, so get building!

Proof Below

cuteproof cuteproof2


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Written by Mateen