After reading around a bit about teesping, it’s hard NOT to be tempted to get started with it. For those that are wanting to get started, I thought I’d post a quick breakdown on what to expect and what skills are necessary to do this successfully.

There are two main elements to a successful teespring campaign. Design and Advertising.

They both compliment each other and the formula won’t work if one of the two is lacking.

If you’ve got a GREAT design but aren’t able to get your shirt in front of the RIGHT people then you’ll fail.

If you’re a genius at advertising but make really basic and boring designs then you might get a lot of interest and activity but no one would press the buy button. Again, in most cases, you’ll fail.

1. Preliminaries

Sign up to, (it takes 15 seconds – literally) and a facebook advertising account if you don’t have one already


2. Research

I use 2 main tools for this. & teeview. I’ll spend about half an hour a day on both while jotting down ideas on my notepad. For example, currently I found the below design on



Now looking at this, I can straight away think of variations of the concept. The concept is targeting proud owners of big dogs. Maybe it works best with German Shepherds because they’re the main dogs police use but why not try other big dogs like huskies? Like these, I’ll try a bunch of these everyday and maybe one or two might pick up!


3. Design

Learning it yourself

I suggest learning the basics of design yourself at the start. You don’t need to know the ins and outs of design, just the basics will do here as most of the time you’ll be just copy pasting. (copyright free content of course).

i use Gimp which is basically a free version of photoshop. Download it and get used to it. Might take you a weekend. Learn how to play around with layers, copy, paste, fuzzy select tool, move tool, etc. Once you get the hang of it you can pump out designs in less then 5 minutes sometimes!


If you want to do this on a mass scale like me, look for a dedicated designer. To find mine, I simply posted an add on odesk, selected one that,

– Had no previous work history, (that way he is dedicated to prioritizing YOUR work + won’t be demanding).

– Spoke GREAT english. This is one is very important. You need someone who you can communicate your idea across easily to or it’ll be a pain to deal with. Trust me, I know.

– Has had some local design experience. This one is a bonus. Much of the design work he/she will be doing will be basic – intermediate. You don’t need an expert by any stretch, just someone creative.

Test about 3 designers on a $5 budget each and see how you go! Rinse and repeat till you find someone you’re happy with.

4. Setting up Teespring Campaigns

I set the time limit to 10 days and goal limit to 10. Teespring recalculates your profit /shirt if you make more then 10 sales so don’t worry about shooting for 50 or 100. If you make that many sales you’ll get the same amount of $$ even if you set your goal to 100.

As for the description, I’ll write something like,

Love Bass Fishing?

Then, this Limited Edition Shirt is for you!

100% Satisfaction or Full Money Back Guarantee

Click ‘Buy it Now’ to order!

That’s all, nothing special at all! I love simple stuff. it’s better to make an efficient process/system so you can concentrate on pumping out campaigns.


5. Making a Newsfeed Ad

I use the whole ‘keep it simple-stupid’ rule here. My ads are nothing flashy, just basic, “here’s a shirt for you!” style ad. I’ve written a whole post about this here so just read that and come back for the next steps.

I used to use page post engagement but recently I’ve been using website conversions as my goal and it’s been getting me slightly more sales. I don’t have much data to make a proper conclusion though so either one should be fine for now.

FaceBook Page: In order to make a newsfeed ad via the power editor you need to link it up with a facebook page. It’s VERY easy to make one. Just search ‘create facebook page’ on Google and click the first link, (or second one). Don’t get all caught up in trying to make this perfect it really doesn’t matter. If you’re a more experienced affiliate you can try grow a niche related FB page here by making it something specific. Something like ‘German Shepherd Lovers’ for example. If you’re new however, just go with something generic. Something like ‘Fun Times’ or ‘Summer Days’ it REALLY doesn’t matter lol. Put up a catchy profile pic and cover photo and your good to go.

Don’t make it look like a shirt sales page, people don’t want to be connected to businesses that promote annoying offers. They want entertainment.

6. Demographic Targeting

This is one of THE most important parts to FB. Getting your demographic right can make the difference between 0 sales and 100’s of sales. For the above example, (German shepherd Tee), most people would target just ‘german shepherd’s’ as an interest. This is ok but there are many peolpe that like that page just because they like the dog breed and not because they own one.

What I would do is, target german shepherd associations, communities, groups, dedicated german shepherd shop FB pages or anything else on FB that people that LOVE german shepherds would like.

You can go one step further and do a quantcast/alexa search to see what more you can find out about the target demo. If I were to type in in Alexa, then I’d find that there are majority females visiting the site then males! using google trends you can even find if there are any U.S states that this is more popular in. In this case it’s relatively even as you can see by the pics below,



In some cases a certain state or states will be more popular with a particular topic. The more you can nut down your target demographic, the better luck you’ll have with your campaign.

7. Monitoring your campaign

Once you’ve scheduled your ad and it’s running you need to monitor it’s progress. I usually start off at $10 a day. If I don’t get a sale in the next 3 days, ($30 spend), I’ll stop it and move on. If I get a sale in the first day or two then USUALLY it’s a sign of a successful campaign. If I get one on the third day, it was either a lucky sale or is starting to gain momentum and I’ll spend another $10-$20 on it to see what happens.

Don’t get too attached if you’re getting a sale here and there but you’re running at a massive negative ROI. You don’t want to be losing lots of money just because you want to get your payout. Do your calculations and if it’s better to stop, just stop.

General rules, (to summarize),

  • $10/day budget
  • Let it run for $30 spend, (3 days)
  • 2 sales+ continue, maybe even increase budget
  • If sales start to drop and frequency is approaching 1.8-2+ lower budget
  • 1 sale on third day, run for another $10-$20. No sales, drop. 3-4+ sales, continue

8. Campaign End

Either your campaign did well or it bombed. If it bombed, then make a few more variations to the concept and see if they catch on. If they don’t, drop the concept all together and move on. If it did well, then hey, expand to other countries, (Canada, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Russia, Italy, Spain, etc, etc, etc). Teespring deliver to pretty much any country so if you can get it working in one country, chances are, you can get it working in another.

9. Feedback & Coaching 

if you’re new to all this it can be quite difficult to break through. There’s a lot of fine detailed stuff that you can’t cover in a guide and will vary case by case. For this reason, if you are serious about making this work or making a career out of affiliate marketing then you should join a paid forum. The benefits are,

  • Feedback from many seven figure affiliates on your campaigns.
  • Networking with affiliate marketers, designers, coders, affiliate managers from different networks, other popular names in the industry.
  • Reading real life success stories and case studies.
  • Following others on their journey to success. (I have a follow along to 150k profit in there!)
  • Private lessons from forum admins on how to run a successful business.
  • Surrounded by a community of successful and supportive people.
  • No time wasters like those on free forums. You won’t get abused or put down. Only constructive criticism that will make you continue to grow as an affiliate.

You can join here for $10 Off.

Hopefully this post should get you going! There’s a lot to learn and you won’t get it perfect the first time. Try AT LEAST 20+ times before you give up on this. I personally tried 50 times. Most people would think I’m crazy, but when you realize that behind entrepreneurial success there is a lot of hard work, dedication and generally doing things others aren’t prepared to do, you;ll start to see more success.

All the best!

~ Mateen


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