I’m not sure if I’ve covered this before, either briefly or a full post dedication but it seriously needs some attention. It relates to how I go about working on my affiliate business and the type of approach many affiliates realize is necessary to build a steady and profitable affiliate business.

One of the biggest reasons newbie affiliates fail is due to their inability to continually work at their business. I remember when I first started, much of my time was spent just reading, reading, reading. But I still spent a good 2+ hours a day building/tweaking campaigns.

Absorbing information is fine at the start of your journey but after some time it becomes necessary to just throw yourself in the deep end and use the knowledge you’ve learnt to start building campaigns. You’re never going to be one hundred percent ready to start. I get started with new things as soon as I somewhat know the process of it to the extent that I think it COULD work.

After reading enough to understand something, my ultimate main focus next, is to just do it AT LEAST 50 times, not do it right the first time. This is what I think separates those that become successful with a particular affiliate marketing method and those that don’t.

Teespring is a perfect example of this. If you’ve read my Teespring related posts, you would have seen me mention that I tried 50 or so campaigns before I broke through. I wasn’t joking OR exaggerating. I ACTUALLY tried 50 campaigns before I was successful with FaceBook & Teespring. With each one that didn’t work I would re-tweak my next batch of campaigns to fix what mistakes I thought I had made in the previous ones. It was just inevitable I would break through, it was just a matter of time when.

Mind you, I was very calculative with how much money I was willing to test with AND had a few campaigns bringing me some income so I could afford to lose about $50-$80 in testing every day. I DID have a stop loss budget of $30 for each campaign and I was firm about dropping a campaign if it didn’t convert at all up till that spend.

This is how it is with everything. Whether you want to break through with pay per call, PPV or Google PPC, your approach should be the same. Mind you the number 50 is just there so I make sure I break though before I give up. I’ve often found profitable campaigns after just 5-10 times of starting with a particular method. The beauty of this, even if it doesn’t work out is you gain so much knowledge in a particular field about so many crucial things like demogaphic targeting, converting landing pages, design, writing great text copy, etc that MOST of it will be transferable to your next affiliate marketing endeavor.

For example, I was heavily involved in PPV before I switched to Facebook and Teespring. I knew to keep things simple and to the point, particularly when it came to the FaceBook Newsfeed ad. For this reason I was able to create a pretty good converting Newfeed template. I also learned a lot of cool designing techniques when designing Landing Pages for my PPV campaigns which allowed me to pump out shirt designs with ease!

All these skills are transferable and you’re NEVER wasting your time if you’re spending it on building new campaigns.

I can guarantee if you were to do this with everything affiliate marketing related, you will not only breakthrough, you’ll be a great affiliate marketer.

~ Mateen


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Written by Mateen