I receive a tonne of questions regarding how to go about bidding on FaceBook ad placements for teespring campaigns. I had a post request for this exact topic which wasn’t a bad idea! So here’s a dedicated post on How you should go about bidding on your FaceBook Advertising Campaigns for Teespring.

First of all, there are many ways to do this. While others still set their FB campaign goal to post page engagements, I’ve made the switch to optimize by conversions.

What’s the difference between the two? Well from my experience,

Optimizing by Page Post Engagement ads gives your newsfeed ads the best chance to get as many likes, shares and comments as it can. How FaceBook actually goes about doing this, I have no idea but their algorithm keeps this in mind when displaying your ad. Getting your ad ‘viral’ or popular is great. Newsfeed ads or posts in general with a tonne of likes, comments and shares give social proof to it being cool, hip or trendy and more and more people will start to engage with it. Although this GENERALLY means your teespring campaign should do great, it doesn’t necessarily give you sales.

By Optimizing by Website Conversions on the other hand, FaceBook will display your ads to people that are most likely going to convert. This might not get your newsfeed ads as much post engagement but you’ll still get a decent post page engagement anyway. By utilizing the power of FaceBook’s ability to get you the best, most conversion friendly traffic, you’re making the best of your monies worth for your advertising. One of the methods most powerful features via this method is FaceBook reporting. Here you can see the exact demographic from Age, Gender, Country. etc that your conversions are coming from! This is THE MAIN reason I use this as my goal. I need to know who are converting and for what type of shirts so I can better plan my next designs.

The Bidding Process

The Bidding Process is fairly simple. All I do once I’ve selected ‘Optimize by Website Conversions’ as my goal and placed the tracking pixel info in my teespring campaign is, under the Optimization & Pricing Tab select ‘Optimized CPM’, (see below). That’s it!

Note: This can only be done using FB PowerEditor.

teespring website conversions

teespring website conversions

I let FaceBook tell me how much they’re going to charge me. The more conversions you get, the less FB will charge you for impressions so it’s in both parties interests to optimize teespring sales. This is a big reason why FB advertising works so well with Teespring.

Over time, FaceBook will tell you how much they’re charging you per conversions. Your job here is to ensure this value is less then how much revenue you’re getting from each conversion/sale. As long as it is, you’re profiting, hoorah!

The tricky part is also to be able to anticipate whether or not you’re going to reach your goal so your sales actually follow through. Many times, I’ve not been able to meet my target goal resulting in wasting $40-$80 in advertising for a design.

That’s a whole other issue though so for now just take the above advice and apply it. Don’t be intimidated in making the switch from Post Page Engagement to Website Conversions. It’s quite simple once you get the hang of it 🙂

~ Mateen


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Written by Mateen