affplaybook price reduced

Recently David’s reduced the price on AffPlayBook to $67/Month, ($57/Month if you join through my referral link). The price had been fluctuating for a while but as of late, there’s sure signs of it being stabilizing to it’s current price of $67/Month. There’s no guarantee though so if you’ve ever wanted to join in the past, now’s the best time.

With IMGrind randomly going free and then shutting their doors completely, (the site redirects to revivedmedia), and STM, (StackThatMoney), being almost double the price, the decision is fairly easy if you’re still thinking about joining a paid marketing forum.

AffPlayBook was the first paid affiliate marketing forums hence it’s main focus of building successful affiliate marketers has been genuine from the start till today. It’s the only forum I consistently read as it’s all the good stuff without the garbage of naysayers and newbie advice you see on warriorforum. Straight to the point, money strategies, that’s what I want to spend my time reading.

Anyway, just a heads up on the price change!



Written by Mateen