Datafeed sites can be a great addition to your Affiliate Marketing Income. In many of my past posts I’ve mentioned my desire to break into some solid organic income towards my affiliate business and I firmly believe Datafeed sites can do just that.

What is a Datafeed?

A Datafeed, in the affiliate marketing world, from what I’ve read and understood so far, is usually a big excel spreadsheet consisting of every available products and important information about them for a particular merchant. A merchant is basically just an online shop. These datafeeds help affiliates like us easily build out websites containing content from these merchants.

How do You Make Datafeed sites?

This deserves a post of it’s own and I’ll be doing just that in the near future but for now I’ll keep it brief.

You can make datafeed sites fairly easy these days with the help of datafeed site builders such as Datafeedr. If you’re lazy like me and like things being automated then datafeedr is perfect. Datafeedr allows you to search through 1000s of merchants from 100s of different networks around the world and find the set of products you need to create for your store.

Once you’ve selected your items, which takes about 10-20 minutes, all you do is basically port them over to your website via the datafeedr plug in and bam you’re done! Of course there’s little things you need to tweak and fix up for each store to make them look different to each other like the header image etc but for the most part that’s it. It takes me 45-60 minutes to make one of these using these tools. I don’t want to know how long it would have taken me to do this manually lol.

Some Examples of a Datafeed Site

Much of my affiliate marketing efforts this month has consisted of learning how to use datafeedr, an affiliate datafeed site creating software, and building some datafeed sites. I’ve so far made 5! Check them out below,

Pretty cool huh?

It looked hard at first but once you learn the software and a simple yet efficient process, you can crank these out per hour! No joke.

You’ll probably notice that much of the setup for each of these sites are exactly the same, the only thing that changes is really just the type of products. I’ve kept things simple so I can make lots of these really quickly and follow a simple template/process.

How to Make Money with Datafeed Sites

So what’s the idea with these?

Each site that I create has 100s of products within them, each with their own post. The idea is to get as many of these sites out there, creating 1000’s of posts of products in search engines who I’m hoping will pick some of posts up and they’ll start ranking.

If you can get even a small percentage of these to rank and get traffic, you should be able to start seeing a steady income. Once a certain datafeed site starts to bring in traffic/income, I’m going to start focusing more SEO effort on it so it can start to solidify it’s Search Engine Position.

There’s a bunch of ideas I want to test with monetizing these sites but the main idea is to get visitors to click through to one of the products which will take them to the merchants page where they can check out and earn you a nice little commission!

You’re basically creating a middle store between people that want to find a particular product and the site where they can buy it from.

I like the idea of selling physical products because you can make multiple commissions on multiple days due to the long cookie duration’s. Often, I’d refer someone to a merchant site where they’ll make a purchase on the day of the referral but then make another purchase 2-3 weeks later, giving me another commission. Now imagine that happening for 100s of products 😀


I’ve just started building these, and it’s going to take a while to start seeing some traffic so there’s not much I can comment on besides the building process. Hopefully in the up-coming monthly reports I will have some good info on the results.

I’m yet to split test a few things like button colors, button text, products etc but will do so once I start seeing results.

Datafeed Challenge at AffPlayBook

AffPlayBook has recently started a ‘100 Datafeed Challenge’ where participating forum members can join in and make a follow along thread reporting on their journey towards building 100 datafeed sites. This is GREAT for those that want to get serious on this type of affiliate marketing strategy. I started a thread just before the challenge started and asked a tonne of questions. There’s a lot of little hints and tips the more experienced guys drop in the forum but you’ll have to join the forum to go through them all.

Actually, now’s the perfect time to as David’s dropped the price to $67/month, (Take $10 off that if you join through here!)

That’s all I have on Datafeed sites for now, more to come in the near future!

~ Mateen

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Written by Mateen