Learning how to clone a WordPress site can save you TONNES of time, especially if you’re building niche/datafeed sites. One of the biggest contributors to my +ve ROI with affiliate marketing has been my ability to stubbornly stick to one thing until I make it work AND find a process that’s quick, painless and doesn’t require much thinking.

Applying this mentality to everything I do, I always keep a notepad open when I’m tackling a new method or strategy and slowly list the tasks in order of execution as I go. As I learn quicker and quicker ways to do things, I update this task list. Eventually, it’s so small and efficient and this ‘new methodology’ that used to be so foreign to me, now becomes second nature.

Enter WP Clone by WP Academy

As I was learning how to make datafeed sites, I was introduced to a wordpress plug in called ‘wp clone’. A REALLY easy to use free plug in that allows you to duplicate a wordpress site you already have! If you checked out my post on datafeed sites I did a few days ago, you would have noticed they’re all the same or very similar.

Only the first site I built from scratch, the rest I used wp clone to duplicate from the first. It took a good 20 minutes out of the site building process!

How to Use It

wp clone is probably the simplest wordpress cloning plug in out there. All you need to do is set up a WordPress site the way you want your future wordpress site(s) to look like. This includes setting up widgets, pages, posts, etc.

Next you install the wp clone widget and use it to create a backup link of your website. This will give you a link which you store somewhere safe.

Once you’ve installed wordpress & the wp clone widget in your second website, (the website you want to look like the one you’ve cloned), you simply paste this link into the wp clone settings and at the click of a button and re-login you’ll have a site that looks just like the one you’ve cloned!

Some Ideas Where You Can Use WordPress Cloning

So far, I’ve only used this cloning website functionality to make clones of my datafeed sites but imagine if I could make a really nice converting niche site that’s very google friendly when it comes to adwords paid advertising. I can just clone this site for different products and services and pump them out till some start profiting!

These products can be CPA, Clickbank, Shareasale merchants, even Amazon! The possibilities are endless and I’m sure I can find some great converting products.

I love Google as a traffic source due to the long term nature of these PPC campaigns. Google traffic will always be there and there will always be new people searching for a particular keyword. I’ve had PPC campaigns bringing in income for months.

I have a lot of ideas buzzing through my mind but as with everything, I’m going to apply them one at a time and see what I can do. Another reason why you should stick to one thing till you make it work, (or a sufficient amount of time to gain decent knowledge in it), is you’ll learn a lot of skills, tips and techniques that are transferable to other methods of affiliate marketing. Learning how to use this widget is one of example of that.

Anyway, this was just a snippet of knowledge I felt the urge to share.

~ Mateen

Written by Mateen