If you’ve just started affiliate marketing and have tried to make money with Google Adwords PPC you would have read around that it’s possible to direct link straight to the affiliate site. This is appealing as you don’t need to spend time setting up an intermediary page.

Although it’s very possible to do this and I’ve made $1000’s doing it, there are some things that need to be considered.

Depending on what exactly you’re promoting, over the ages, Google has become quite picky as to what it allows you to direct link. Google doesn’t ‘hate affiliates’ as most people put it, they just know that many affiliates direct Google visitors to crappy pages that provide little to no value. As their algorithm has evolved, they’ve become picky as to what they do and do not favor affiliates to run on their platform. I’ll cover some of these below.

Avoid Doing the Following,

Direct Linking from Google Adwords to ClickBank Products

This ones a BIG no-no. Google doesn’t like Clickbank at all and you’d really be jeopardizing your account if your linking to anything from clickbank. They used to be notorious for ‘re-bill’ offers which would, as the name suggests, re-bill their customers without their customers being aware of it when signing up or purchasing a product. When Google cracked down on all this, they pretty much blacklisted Clickbank making it a no go zone for a Google Adwords PPC marketer. If you’re still really keen on this, I’d suggest making a review site or any other website, (set up the way Google likes it), in between your Google Adwords PPC campaigns and Clickbank products. I’d ALSO suggest running Clickbank products that aren’t scammy.

Direct Linking from Google Adwords to  CPA Offers from Popular Affiliate Networks

Now we all love our CPA Affiliate Networks and yes they do have some great offers that do good to society but they also have a bunch of crap that do nothing else but collect peoples emails and spam them with sales pitches.


When I first started affiliate marketing, I tried to direct link some CPA offers from Google Adwords. Needless to say, I didn’t really get anywhere. Google definitely don’t like any direct linking to CPA offers. If you want to direct link to CPA offers, do so with PPV, (pay-per-view), traffic sources. They have little restrictions on direct linking and most of the popular PPV traffic sources, (if not all), allow this.

Direct Linking from Google Adwords to Amazon Associates/Affiliate Program

Now you’d think this would be fine and if I remember correctly, Google doesn’t mind it. The issue however is Amazon doesn’t allow you to directly link to their products. This is something very important to look for when promoting products. Whether it’s Clickbank, CPA or physical products, always make sure they allow you to direct link. If they specifically have a ‘no direct-linking’ clause in their TOS then DON’T try your luck and promote it.

I’ve done this before, only to have all my sales reversed leaving me with a big advertising cost and no revenue to cover for it.

You CAN Direct Link the following, 

Direct Linking from Google Adwords to SaS, (ShareaSale), Campaigns

Google loves merchant sites that are set up correctly. They know that most type of these businesses are real businesses. For this reason, pretty much anything from ShareaSale is absolutely fine to promote. I’ve promoted 100s of ShareaSale merchants and not only do the campaigns get approved in a matter of minutes, the quality scores for them are between 7-10!

Direct Linking from Google Adwords to Teespring Campaigns

As soon as I found out about Teespring, I knew they were going to be loved by Google. Not only are they great affiliate markers, which you can tell by the way they’ve set up their affiliate management accounts and the way they use their re targeting on Google and Facebook, they’re also great on servicing the front-end customer.

From local production to a ‘100% satisfaction guarantee or your money back’ policy, they’ve covered everything needed to be a successful online company. I’ve direct linked a lot of Teespring campaigns and they’ve all had little to no problem being approved. The only issues are promoting any designs that are borderline infringing any trademark policies. You’d want to stay away from that or it won’t be pretty if you get caught!


If you want to break into Google Adwords PPC then I’d suggest promoting anything from the last two paragraphs above. There are 1000’s of merchants you can promote from ShareaSale. You should be able to find something there that sells well.

The basic rule of thumb with Google is, if you think the merchant/offer is dodgy/scammy/provides little to no value to people, don’t run it. If you think the products and services are legit and the merchant will deliver what they promise, then run it.

~ Mateen


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Written by Mateen