There’s been a HUGE addition to the FaceBook Advertising platform recently. One that could totally change your success rate for your Teespring campaigns, (for the better of course). I’ve been spending so much time on Facebook ‘Audience Insights’ and am finding out so much about my demographics. If you get in early with this, you’re SURE to find some gold mines.

What is FaceBook Audience Insights

FaceBook Insights allows you to drill down into a specific demographic, (searched by interests, age, gender, etc) to see what types of pages they like, what communities they’re part of, what books they read, what TV serials they love to watch and a LOT more.

Example: I want to see what people that like dragonball z – a popular TV series I used to watch when I was younger, also like or are interested in.

I head over to Audience Insights in my ‘Ads Manager’,

audience insights


And Type in ‘DragonBall Z’

audience insights facebook


Note: I’ve clicked on the ‘Page Likes’ tab to see what type of Pages are liked by those that like Dragonball Z.

audience insights facebook again

So what does this tell me? It tells me a LOT! It tells me that people that are interested in Dragonball Z are 11.6 times more likely to like the ‘FUNimation Channel’ Page then the average FaceBook User. They’re 11-12 times more likely to like the Naruto and Digimon pages.

Mind you, I’m only looking at the ‘Page Likes’ tab. We’ve also got,

Still using the Dragonball Z example, there are also tabs that give information on the spread of,

Age and Gender


Relationship Status

audience insights relationship status

Job Title

FaceBook insights Job Title graph


facebook insights job titles

Even WHERE they spend their money!

audience insights spend money


+ A Lot More!


How Exactly Does FaceBook Audience Insights Help My Teespring Campaigns?

So what exactly is all this information going to allow you to do? How can you use this to increase your sales?

Well, as you progress as an affiliate marketer, you start to realize that the more demographic orientated your campaigns are, the better your results will be.

Meaning, the better you know your target demographic and select them via the filters provided to you in your traffic source of choice, the more you’ll make.

I’ve run a few designs in the DragonBall Z with some success. Enough to be profitable but not enough to have focused on it more at the time. For most of them I had simply selected ‘Dragonball Z’ or/and ‘Goku’ at the time. Now I know so much more information about the interest demographic that I had targeted before. Now I know where else these people hang out which means I can reach MORE people that could be interested in my campaign that didn’t see it the first time!

A small Case Study

Again, using the example above, I now know that, users on FaceBook that like Dragonball Z have a pretty high chance of also liking FUNimation, Naruto and Ichigo animes. I know they’re mostly guys that are aged between 18-34 and over 50% are single.

If I were to launch the campaign again, Do you think I’d get good results if I select the above information as my filters? Maybe. I do know it’s worth finding out though. 

Yesterday I relaunched my campaign that I had previously targeted in this niche.

Before I had targeted people that just like Goku or Dragonball Z or other DBZ based characters. This time I split tested ads between Naruto, Anime and other related interests. The results? See Below.

Previous results

facebook insights ctr

One of them did pretty good. I’ve been able to get campaigns profitable off a CTR of 2%. It’s still early days though and I haven’t got a sale yet so we’ll see how this one turns out.

The purpose of this article was to show you how I have started using the new FaceBook Audience Insights for my Teespring Campaigns. The information I extract from it and what exactly I do with that information. In a nutshell, it allows me to find other places where my potential buyer demographic may be and try split test with them to see if I can get even more sales.

With new ideas, I can use this to get an audience that’s more likely to buy my shirts as they’re way more targeted. I’m sure my success ratio will increase and with FB so far ahead of other advertising platforms, you’d want to make sure you know how to use this and apply it to your business.

~ Mateen


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Written by Mateen