How to go about Laser Targeting For your Teespring Campaigns

When I first started advertising with FaceBook, I used to hear a lot about ‘laser targeting’. For my first 30-50 Teespring Campaigns, I was clueless with targeting and new I had to learn this part of demographic targeting if I wanted to make this work.

I kind of had an idea as to what this meant but really had no idea how to do it. I would see Affiliate Marketing Case Studies using FaceBook as the traffic source but they’d never show the actual targeting that went into it, (obviously because they don’t want to give their targeting away).

After a lot of painful hammering away at getting things to work with FB, things finally started to change when I got this part right. Now, after bringing in 6 figures in revenue with FB so far this year, I think I’ve finally got the hang of things.

What is Laser Targeting?

Laser Targeting is the concept of targeting the demographic that is so passionate about the niche your product/service in that they’ll will pull out their credit card and actually make a purchase.

For Example,

Let’s take the Nascar niche for Example. If I were selling Nascar related hoodies and shirts, specifically for women, newbie me would have simply typed in ‘Nascar’ into the interest section of FB Advertising or any other pages relevant to Nascar that would appear as suggestions and selected women as the demographics.

Now days, I go to the ‘Audience Insights’ tab and look at the data it gives me on Page Likes when I type in Nascar.

facebook laser targeting example

If I were to run this campaign again, I would select the following ‘interests’ if they were available for selection.

  • She Loves Nascar
  • Miss Spring Cup
  • Maybe even some sports clubs, (JR Motorsports, Sunoco Racing)

Now, I know nothing about Nascar, but I DO know that someone that just liked the Nascar page because they saw a funny mean or a video are unlikely to go on and like the pages above.

The Miss Spring Cup is a specific Nascar race for women, so I know women that like this page most likely LOVE the sport.

When I click on the page and have a look through it, I see a very engaged and enthusiastic audience. Not just a bunch of likes, but lots of shares, comments, tags and people being excited with each post.

Basically, when laser targeting for your Teespring Campaigns you want to find something that people are a part of that haven’t just joined or liked it because it popped up on their newsfeed and they think it’d look cool to others if they liked it. They like it because they got excited about the thought of it. They check out the page everyday to see if something new has been posted. THESE are the people your looking for.

Laser Targeting and Audience Sizes

Now there’s a lot of talk on what Audience size should you be aiming for your FaceBook Campaigns. As a totally general rule, I like aiming for audiences between 20-200k. Now, I’ve had success with campaigns outside that range but when laser targeting for your teespring campaigns, if you’ve followed the methodology above, you’ll notice you’re audience size will be significantly smaller then if you were to just target the general niche page. This is what we want.

Why Do You Want a Laser Targeted Audience?

Now, why should we laser target when the audience size is so much smaller than the general niche? Wouldn’t limit the number of sales we make drastically?

We aim for a laser targeted audience because when FaceBook is displaying your ad to the demographic you’ve chosen, a laser targeted demographic will give you a MUCH bigger CTR than you targeting the general niche page.

This gives you a lot more visitors to your campaign for your ad spend, playing a big role in the profitability of your campaign. The more people that click through and engage with your ad, the lesser FaceBook charges you per visitor and so it’s a win-win. That’s why there’s so much emphasis with getting your CTR as high as possible as you can sometimes get traffic for as low as 2-5 cents! Meaning you can get 250-100 visitors to your site for only $5! How can you NOT profit with that?

As you progress with your affiliate marketing career, you’ll start to get better at this. The better you get at this, the more likelihood you have of getting your campaign profitable. It’s not difficult, it can be reduced down to a process. After sometime, it will start to come naturally.

Good luck!

~ Mateen


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Written by Mateen