REVENUE: $3,711.65

COST: $1,882.45

P/L: + $1,829.20




daily income stats daily income stats

We’re in the Green! Well that’s always a good thing isn’t it?

Demotivated, My PPV Campaign Pulling me Through

Let’s rewind to the start of the month.

This business is great when you’re on a roll, when have a lot of ideas buzzing through your head and when you have a system in place that you KNOW makes you money if you were to just follow it. But when it’s slow and you’re doubting your abilities, it can make you feel a little insecure.

This insecurity is dangerous. When you doubt yourself, it’s harder to work consistently and many times you’ll find yourself just reading stuff and generally wasting time. You can get into a wicked spiral of,

feeling demotivated – lack of action – little to no results – feeling demotivated – repeat

It takes some level of effort and forcing yourself to just keep going, keep trying and keep believing to get things rolling again.

This is what happened during the first half of this month. The only thing I had going for me was a PPV campaign that has been getting me a nice small but consistent income stream for a good 6+ months now. Although it did used to be my biggest earner earlier this year, it’s now just become something on the side. I still keep an eye on it though, it helps me keep in the green.

Testing Stuff

During this time I was doing a bunch of experiments however.

I was launching a lot of teespring campaigns, trying new niches and just trying to break into something. I had a good 10-15 failures in a row and was beginning to think the whole Teespring thing was saturated. I hate thinking things are ‘saturated’ as I always believe there’s an angle/niche that hasn’t been tried yet but this time it was more doubt in everything that was clouding my success here.

I started doing some research into what’s selling at the moment, some trends, and making my deigns a little better.

Sunfrog Shirts: I don’t know many people that have tried sunfrog shirts but it seems to be doing quite well. Not really ‘buzzworthy’ though as I haven’t heard much about it but have seen it here and there.

I decided to give it a go. Most shirts sell for about $20 which means, you’ll get $7 per sale you make, (35% commission per sale). Artists get about 5% for each sale so if you want to upload and sell your own shirts you’ll get an extra dollar so $8 all up.

That’s not too bad, but teespring was fetching me $10-$20 profit per sale so the whole sunfrogshirts model didn’t really appeal to me. Nevertheless I decided to give it a go.

I set up some Google Adwords campaigns targeting some popular trending shirts I saw. I was paying about $1.00 per click which is really expensive. For example, if I was targeting a Game of Thrones Shirt, I’d be bidding on keywords like,

jon snow shirt
jon snow t shirt
jon snow tshirt
funny jon snow shirt
cool jon snow shirt
john snow shirt

I’d link this direct to a Jon Snow Shirt and see how I’d go.

I ended up making a few sales but just couldn’t get things profitable! It was bugging me because Google Campaigns are generally pretty steady so it would have been great to get something like this working!

I could have let the campaign run and attempt to increase my CTR to lower my clicks to below 50 cents, maybe then it would have become profitable but I just decided to move on and try something else.

Gaining Some Traction

Teespring: My love and hate relationship with Teespring continued. Like I mentioned earlier, I’ve been finding it difficult to get a profitable campaign with Teespring but things took a turn for the better in the second half of the month. I found a pocket of niches that hadn’t really been explored! And if they had, there was a good amount of money to be made in them if done properly.

I started to find a few, decently profitable campaign. (About $500-$800) in profit each and this triggered a desire to test a lot more. I started testing testing testing and uncovered even more profitable niches.

At the moment, I’m buzzing with ideas and should be able to hit $5k+ for July.

Fabrily Experience

I previously hadn’t touched the UK market because my previous tests with it were dismal. I decided to give Fabrily a go this time since they’re based in the UK and should convert better than Teespring in the UK, due to lower shipping costs, etc.

I relaunched some niches that had gone well for me in Teespring and they started to convert quite well! I should be able to make 2k+ just here. They don’t buy as much as the U.S but they still can get you a nice profit if you uncover some niches.

Overall, I think there’s a lot of opportunity in Fabrily. Many people would have tried teespring with UK and been unsuccessful only to mark of the UK market totally. I know I personally did this initially. Hence the reason I think there’s a big, open market in the UK so I’ll be spending a lot of my time trying to get things to work there.

Becoming a Better FB Marketer

Every time I look back a month, I’m impressed with my growth in knowledge more than my income. There’s almost ALWAYS a way to do things better and perfecting a traffic source to the point where I’m a clear expert has always been one of my goals.

I thought I had FaceBook pretty well figured out since I was able to hit ~85k+ profit in March with it! This month however there was a bunch of new things I learned which was a bit of an eye opener on how much better I can still become. I learned how to,

Use Lookalike and Custom Audiences, (Website Visitors): I never looked into this before but if you were to click on the ‘Audiences’ tab in your FB advertising portal you can set up certain types of audiences.

I set up a ‘retargeted’ audience which basically re displayed my ads to those that had clicked through to it before. This is VERY powerful as studies have shown that people are more likely to purchase a product upon seeing it more than one time. I increased my ROI and got massive CTRs on this so have started incorporated it with every campaign I know do!

I wrote an article on it here if you want a more, in-depth read on it.

WAYYY Better Targeting: I recently joined a Teespring Group on FaceBook and there was a LOT of hype and good reviews on this course.

It’s a course on how to target your demographic on FaceBook to better sell your Teespring Shirts called Broad Targeting Formula by Jeremy R. Salem. After looking through the course, I was REALLY impressed and it all made sense to me how people could get those big campaigns with highly targeted audiences! I started in incorporating these methods and have noticed way better results.

Better Research: I’m going to do a post on how I go about researching teespring shirt ideas but I learned some neat new ways to find shirts that are doing well and getting inspiration from these shirts. These include, Ebay best sellers, instagram, pinterest and a couple of other methods.

Overall, there’s still a LOT I can improve on which makes me excited as I LOVE learning and perfecting my skill, especially if it’s anything to do with entrepreneurship.

Datafeeds & Shareasale Adventure

I’ve mentioned this in my previous posts but during the last couple of months I’ve been giving 1-2 hours a day working on some datafeed sites. If you don’t know what these are you can check them out here.

There’s not that much to report here other then the fact that I’ve done about 20. My strategy is just pumping out 100 sites and getting 100s of thousands of product posts in Google SERPS which should start to rank slowly, but surely.

Once I start getting some traffic, I’ll focus more on backlinking etc. Right now, I’ve had very little traffic t my sites so there’s not much to report here. Hopefully, by next couple of months we should get some traffic and maybe even some sales! It’s the Christmas period I’m hoping will get me some serious momentum.

Future Predictions

I think there will be a lot more affiliate programs similar to Teespring whether it be selling mugs, phone covers or anything else that can be customized. It’s a good idea to get into this business now so you can learn how to target well so when these opportunities become available you can JUMP on them!

Luckily, AffPlayBook have opened a new section dedicated to Teespring campaigns, questions, case studies, success stories etc! This will definitely be a great source of knowledge to keep updated with how things are going within the industry, especially when some of the best marketers in the world are part of the forum.

Below is a screenshot of some of the current posts!

teespring forum

Like I said earlier, this is PERFECT to keep informed on what’s happening in the industry, not to mention the other thread topics that people make $1000s per day on!

Click Here to Join through a $10 Off Coupon

affplaybook coupon

Ending Remarks

This month has been great overall. Although 1.8k isn’t really much to brag about I feel it’s a stepping stone for things growing forward. It’s convinced me that I still have what it takes to continue to make it in this industry and increased my faith in finding opportunities to make money on.

Good luck with your business.

~ Mateen

Written by Mateen