A month ago I mentioned that I’ll be making 100 Datafeed sites in an effort to grow the ‘organic income’ side of my business.

If you don’t know what they are you can read up on an earlier post I did describing what it is and how it makes you long term money.

You see, paid affiliate marketing is fun, when it’s fruitful but there have been many instances where I’ve had a complete week in negative ROI. Not always does your marketing efforts bring in sales. Sometimes you just have bad days, bad weeks and even bad months. The only thing you can depend on to get you back on track is your positive attitude and belief in yourself that you WILL find something that will cover you for your days of losses.

To build a healthy affiliate marketing income you need to diversify and work on building something secure. I have very little organic income coming in, roughly mid to high 3 figures but I want organic income to be the main contributor to my overall monthly reports.

Most of July was spent pumping out these datafeed sites. I did the first 30 or so myself and once I had figured out the system I outsourced 80% of it. I was getting 4 done every weekday and this week I should finish all 100.

I checked my Shareasale account the other day and noticed I had made a sale!

I was totally shocked as I was expecting to see results after another month or two. It gave me hope that all this will be worth it eventually when I start seeing  a lot of traffic coming in.

I sold a pretty high ticket item for around $400 and made $20 in commission. A commission of about 5%. I’ve made a good variety of datafeed niche sites from, cheap $20 items to high end, 4 figure items.

The incoming search term was something very long and this particular datafeed site was made about 2-3 weeks prior to getting it’s sale. Pretty cool to think the products have started indexing and ranking all ready!

I’m hoping to generate 5 figures from this per month by Christmas time. Time will tell but you should never put all your eggs in one basket. For this reason, after this project ends, I’m going to move onto something else.

If you’re interested in building these kind of money sites, use datafeedr, it makes the process SO much easier.

Stay tuned for more news on my Datafeed sites 🙂

~ Mateen


Written by Mateen