This article is pretty straight forward. Again, one of the biggest turning points for a FaceBook marketer is realizing the difference between ‘bad targeting’ and ‘good targeting’.

In the video I’ve used the example of the interest ‘ducatis’. Those that don’t know what a ducati is, it’s this cool bike below.

ducati teespring

Say you’ve made a design for those interested in ducatis. The common person would simply select ‘ducati’ in their FaceBook targeting as I’ve illustrated in the video. If it was this easy, then every FaceBook marketer would be a millionaire by know but unfortunately it’s not.

You see, you’re marketing a shirt, something that you only get paid for if someone pulls out their credit card and actually spend their hard earned money on this. Those that are willing to do this are most likely people that actually OWN a ducati and are part of ducati communities. So what’s the problem in just selecting ‘ducati’?

I can assure you a large part of the ducati interest group are dreamers. Those that would love to own one some day but don’t have one. They may thinks it’s cool but they’re not passionate enough to spend that amount of cash in buying one. These are the people you want to exclude from your audience selection.

The next video goes through doing this right and is what every successful FaceBook marketers should be doing.


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Written by Mateen