Introduction Video

It’s been on my mind for a while, to make a set of teespring tutorial videos on basically everything you need to know from beginner to expert level. The primary marketing strategy I’ll be focusing on here is FaceBook. Those pushing big numbers and campaigns are doing so with FaceBook paid advertising, FaceBook fanpages, etc.

Since March 2014, I’m made over 6 figures profit with Teespring alone, so I know firsthand how people are tipping huge campaigns.

Some screenshots from my PayPal from my big months below!

April Teespring Income

april teespring



March Teespring Income

march teespring


I’m still doing a few experiments with Teespring but am also doing some medium sized campaigns for Fabrily. See below for July’s income.

July Income

july income


I’m dedicating most of August to put these out. This database is also an experiment to see how many people are interested in something like this. If you like it and it’s been beneficial to you in any way, please don’t forget to share it with someone who can benefit also. I’ll be tracking the shares and if they’re consistent I’ll make the same tutorial type videos for pretty much everything and anything internet marketing related that I’m having success with.

I’ll be focusing predominantly on these 4 topics,

– Reseraching, (free + paid): How to go about finding good t-shirt ideas.

– Designing: Tools I use for designing. What makes a good design and what makes a bad one.

FaceBook Ads: This will be the biggest topic. Going through everything I can think of on FB advertising. From targeting to making a newsfeed ad. It will cover 99%-100% of what online ebooks/courses claim are the ‘secret source’ to marketing.

Monitoring Campaigns, Scaling: Once you have a campaign up and running, what to do next and how to take it to the next level.



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Written by Mateen