The second tool I use to design my shirts is Teesprings very own design platform.

I usually don’t do pictures in my designs but if I do, I find them on Google so I don’t really use the ‘search for art’ function here. In fact, once you learn how to use the basics of Gimp, (shown in the previous video), there’s little to no need for this.

I do however, use the text fonts here quite a lot. They’ve got some pretty cool text fonts. One’s that work well on shirts and hoodies. You can also be a bit creative and add borders to your text. Below are the best teespring fonts, ones that I use most, (in no particular order),

nice teespring fonts

I know this is quite simple, and you are limited to what you can do here but you have to understand that it’s really simplicity that sells. People over complicate things and want to make the best design possible, which in the customers eyes, might be ‘too much’. Once you find the sweet spot/balance between simple but good designs, you’ll can just start pumping out these designs.

If you were to go on at any given time, you’ll notice, a lot of top selling shirts sell well, mostly because of the text on it. The images on the shirts are merely there to compliment the shirt. What I’m saying here is, the shirt can still sell, (maybe not as well), if the pic was removed but definitely wouldn’t sell if the text was removed.


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Written by Mateen