Something Teespring themselves recommend doing and to some extent, do for you, is re-targeting your campaigns visitors on FaceBook.

For those that don’t know what re-targeting is, it’s basically Facebooks ability to allow it’s advertisers to advertise to people that have visited their website.

E.g, if you’ve been online shopping before and have spent some time browsing around, you’ll notice that once you go back to FaceBook, there are now advertisements from those same websites appearing on your newsfeed/sidebar. You’ve just been ‘re-targeted’.

We can do this for our own Teespring campaigns.

Why this works so well is because people that have clicked through to your ad, have expressed interest in it already but have, for one reason or another, NOT gone through with the purchase. They may have been busy or didn’t quite want to make the purchase at the time.

teespring facebook retargeting


The above images is an example for a dummy campaign. It takes about 2 minutes to set up and is totally worth it.

Remember to paste your tracking pixel into your teespring account before all this or FaceBook will not read teespring as being your page and won’t connect itself to it.

If we advertise this again to the same people, we’re going to get a MUCH better CTR and subsequently will be charged very little for our clicks. I’ve done this successfully to juice some more sales out of my teespring campaigns. and I definitely recommend it to others.


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Written by Mateen