If you’ve been an affiliate marketer before all this Teespring stuff, you would have realized the importance of ‘list building’. Either you’ve begun implementing it yourself or at least have heard every second successful affiliate tell you that’s where the money is.

List building is the concept of collecting emails of people so you can re-market to them again and again and again. You can use this list to launch websites, phone apps, anything that’s related to the demographic within that particular niche.

This is the same concept big companies use which is the reason why top fashion labels always try to lure you into signing up to their newsletter so you get ‘discounts’.

Although Teespring doesn’t actually let you get the emails of people that have purchased from you they DO however allow you to re-market to them. This is awesome!

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You know people that have purchased your product in the past are money spenders and so there’s a good chance a decent percentage of them will convert to sales if you were to relaunch a new design to the same niche. This amounts to free sales and also helps build some initial momentum before you proceed with FaceBook advertising.

You’re not limited to just one email here, you can email again and again to continuously remind them how many days are left till the end of your campaign etc.

If you’re part of a business type FaceBook page, you’ll notice the same type of ‘reminder’ type posts, especially if the advertiser/business knows what they’re doing. People get more and more swayed by there being less time left to make a decision which is why this technique works so well.

You should definitely be using this when launching new campaigns in similar niches. Keep sending an email as often as you can. Every day is best to continuously remind them.


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Written by Mateen