What I covered in the previous video was a great way to find LASER targeted interests. These are interests where the audience are highly passionate about the topic, not just an audience that like it. This type of audience is important because, they are more likely to make a purchase and so your chances of a profitable campaign are much higher.

Although this method is great, it’s very time consuming and is limited to how many interests you’re able to dig up. It used to take me somewhere around 20-40 minutes to find all these.

Recently a new tool has been added to my ‘must have’ for teespring affiliates, you may have already heard of it. It’s called Targeting Inspector. See the below video on how I go about using it.

I don’t really want to make this a Targeting Inspector Review style article but I will go over some interesting things you can do with it and how I go about using it to find laser targeted interests.

The below picture is the main feature. A simple search function that will search through FaceBooks database for interested related to your niche that you’ve typed in previously and the types of ‘connections’ you’ve ticked or checked below.

you can add more custom filters if you wish by simply going to settings but in most cases the default filters are enough, especially for teespring.

targeting inspector review best

The results will look like something below. Note, I searched the niche word ‘nurses’. The tool will categorize these for you and give you FaceBook pages you can now copy paste straight into your FaceBook ad! How cool is that? I bought the product as soon as I figured out what it did as I knew the time saving behind this.

One thing to note though, not ALL Facebook pages can be selected as interests. The reasons for this is because Facebook sometimes groups pages into a single interest and so you may have, not knowingly, added the audience of a page listed below in an interest you’ve typed earlier. Kind of complicated to explain but the main thing to know is not all pages below can be selected as an interest in targeting inspector. It’s the same if you were to do it manually.

targeting inspector review You can see in the above image how many entries it finds for you! There’s quite a lot and it’s enough to find a decent sized audience in most cases.

if you want to select JUST United States or American or any other countries Facebook pages then simply type,

United States, American, America

into the ‘other’ filter and check the box and click search. You can do this for any other country.

I would definitely recommend Targeting Inspector to anyone that wants to churn out campaigns. It can give you the extra edge you need and one successful campaign is all you need to pay for it.

Again, it’s not necessary to buy, it can be done manually but will definitely save you a lot of time.

~ Mateen


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Written by Mateen