A few months ago I did a Reddit Experiment, (this post will be kind of like its case study), in order to see if Reddit was a viable traffic source for my blog. I know there’s tonnes of people that hang out there, particularly those that would be interested in the information I share on my blog, (online entrepreneurs and the like). I just needed to find a way to get them here without making my thread seem spammy.

I’ve been using Reddit for a long time now. They’re awesome to get feedback on business ideas. When I used to make iPhone apps for example, I would find the relevant subreddit that applied to my niche and pitch my idea to them. The threads that got a high level of response/engagement I’d continue with the app development as it proved that there was an interest in the niche.

This time however, I already had a business, my blog. I just needed to convince them that it’s awesome.

After a while in the marketing industry you realize people respond well towards numbers. More so, results. Numbers don’t lie and when you see things like “Johnny made $500 yesterday using this ONE simple method”, you’re tempted to click it, particularly as a newbie. Keeping this in mind I posted the below thread.

I Made around $85,000 Profit last month, (March), Promoting shirts/hoodies on teespring. AMA

I love ‘ask me anything’ style threads and thought it would be great to do one for those interested in it.

Problem was, 95% of people that saw the thread had no clue what teespring was, and were beyond skeptical of how much I made that month! If you clicked on the link and read a few of the top comments, you’d notice it got flooded with naysayers and generally people that had bought one too many dodgy affiliate related “get rich quick” ebooks.

Through the course of the day many people participated in the discussion and we shared a lot of knowledge ending up in a VERY popular thread for that day. unfortunately, because of the down voting, it got shafted to the lower pages of that subreddit but it wasn’t before my blog was FLOODED with traffic. How much? Take a guess…

reddit traffic case study


Almost 2,000 people visited my blog that day! That’s a crazy number when you take in my daily average for the days prior to that was around 20-40. The next day, another 880 people came through. It was amazing. The best thing about it was, after that day, my blog started to see around 120-150 daily visitors as an average. A 5 times increase in my blog visitors just from that AMA, (see the below graph).

reddit traffic case study 2


It’s hard to compare, due to how dwarfed my other days look compared to that monster day but clearly there’s a massive increase.

Even though, there was a lot of negativity in that thread itself, it still worked wonders for my blog and was a great turning point towards where it’s at now. It also made me realize how crazy entrepreneurs sound sometimes. I know it’s hard to believe that 85k profit was made that month, but that doesn’t change the fact that it was true. People have made millions in a day in this industry and it’s VERY real.

Another realization was that as an entrepreneur, you NEED to put yourself out there. I had been growing this blog organically by posting content for months but just this one day, I quintupled my results! Making big moves, often gets you big results. Yeah they’re a bit intimidating but you’re going to be stuck in the same place if you keep trying the same stuff that you’re comfortable with. Try things outside your comfort zone, that’s where entrepreneurs seem to thrive, in the danger zone.

Anyway, I just wanted to point out that little experiment that didn’t exactly go as planned but gave me more than what I wanted.

~ Mateen


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Written by Mateen