There’s a lot of misdirection with affiliate marketing, with people recommending all sorts of products and strategies. I’ve written a ‘beginner series’ type introduction to making money through affiliate marketing realized it’s a little too general for some to actually get started. For this reason, I’ve decided to make separate blog posts for those that want to get started with PPV and those that want to get started with PPC.

This Post is going to be a step by step guide to making money with PPV affiliate marketing.

What is PPV marketing

PPV Marketing is the process of generating ‘pop-ups’ on a particular website of your choosing. For example, if your’e bidding on the website URL, ‘’, then when someone visits ‘’, your website or landing page will pop up. See the example process below,

ppv affiliate marketing

Almost everyone has experienced pop ups on their website and I’ll admit, it’s an unpleasant experience, but the popular pop up traffic sources make it very clear that the download of their products will enable a pop up feature to the user and so people that experience these particular pop ups know about it.

How to Make Money with PPV Affiliate Marketing

Pop up traffic is usually VERY cheap in comparison to other types of popular traffic. You can get your website to pop for as little as .01 cents. Yep, you read that right. You can get 100 pops and just spend a single dollar.

The catch is that people, after a while start to become defectively ‘blind’ to your ads. No matter how awesome your offer is, they’ll close your pop before it even has time to load! This is why fast landing page load times is one of the core pieces of the puzzle to be successful with PPV affiliate marketing. I personally use beyondhosting VPS Servers, that load my pops REAL quick so they have enough time to convey my message across.

PPV Affiliate Marketing Success Stories

I, myself have made 10k+ with PPV. It was my first affiliate marketing success story and even till today brings me consistent $500-$1000 a month almost totally passive. There are so many unexplored territories as you can pop your ad on any URL on the internet, (literally millions), and there are many selling angles that haven’t been explored yet.

The Aff Playbook forum also boasts HEAPS of PPV Affiliate Marketing Success Stories,

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ppv success story


There is no shortage of PPV success stories, PPV case studies, PPV lessons and guides in the Aff Playbook forum. There’s also a bunch of PPV scrapers and other tools that make this stuff pretty easy. I highly recommend joining.

How to get started with PPV

1. Join a popular affiliate network and select some offers to promtoe, (if you haven’t already). Maxbounty is who I’ve been with from the start and they offer a $1,000 bonus for affiliates that can generate $1,000 a month for their first 3 months of being an affiliate. Not to mention their weekly payments that are never late.

2. Get a GOOD host. You need your pops to load QUICK. The quicker they load, the better they convert. If you want to just test this stuff out then use a basic bluehost account but if you want to really give this a shot then get a beyondhosting VPS server. your pops are going to be lightning quick and will have the best chance of converting to a sale.

3. Get tracking set up: I use prosper even till this day. It’s a free tracking solution for affiliate marketers and does fine. Google prosper202 and install it on your tracking domain.

4. Sign up to a good quality traffic source. Sign up to either trafficvance, 50onred or leadimpact. Personally I’d choose 50onred as their traffic quality is great and you can target any country. You can also try their intext platform which has a lot of opportunity!

5. Start Building campaigns: Now, just start building campaigns. Build 3 at a time, direct linking, with a test budget of $20-$30. You can find URLs by using simple scrapers on the net or just google a niche related keyword and grab the URLs from google. E.g, if you google ‘home improvement’, you’ll get the domains,

etc etc.

Find 20 Urls and put them into your campaign. Bid the highest. your aim right now is to get traffic to your offer to see if there’s a chance of conversion. If you see conversions great, expand further, if not, drop the URL and find others to replace them once your done with the initial test of 20.

Follow the above process until you see a winner. you can also promote clickbank products, they convert well if done right.

I’ll post some more detailed guides if this posts gets enough comments and shares so let me know in the comments section if you want a ‘teespring tutorial video’ type thing for PPV and i’ll get on to it 🙂

~ Mateen


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Written by Mateen