To better get to know my blog audience, I’m going to be running’s very first competition!

[Entries will Close on the 27th]

Usually I blog about whatever comes to my mind which I automatically assume people will connect with and find value in. Maybe this is the case but there’s also the possibility that it is NOT the case. The idea of this competition is to figure this out.

The Prize

6 x Aff Playbook Forum memberships with the first month paid for by me.

Aff Playbook is THE best Private Affiliate Marketing Forum on the net. It has over 4,500 registered members and a gazillion success stories, case studies, lessons, webinars, tutorials, etc, etc. This is the perfect prize for those that want to get more serious with Affiliate Marketing. You can read more about the forum here.

What You Need to do

In the comments section of this post, answer the following questions

How you first became interested in IM

Example Answer: When a friend of mine told me he earned around $100 during sleeping hours through ranking a review style website and promoting a clickbank product. I was mind blown to say the least.

What were your turning points/best moments in IM

Example Answer: When I made my first sale via paid marketing almost exactly a year ago. Also having an almost $xxx,xxx profit month. Again, mind blown.

The most you’ve ever earned in a single day, (You can just say $xx if you don’t want to disclose exact amounts) You don’t need to be the highest earner here to win. In fact you can win with $0 being your highest day.

Example Answer: About $7,400, (can also answer $x,xxx)

How did you hear about and what would you like to see more of.

Example Answer: Came across it through Google

How Winners Will be Chosen

Each Question answered will count as 1 POINT. There are 4 points you can earn in total. Once the competition closes, (on the 27th of this month – September), I’ll make a tally of each contestant and how many points he/she has. For each point, he/she’ll get an entry into the excel spreadsheet. Below is an example.

Contestant 1: 3 points
Contestant 2: 2 points
Contestant 3: 4 points
Contestant 4: 2 points
Contestant 5: 1 point
Contestant 6: 3 points
Contestant 7: 1 points

The spreadsheet will look like this,


Now I’ll add the ‘=rand()’ function which will give each row a random number between 0 and 1. Then I’ll simply order these and the 6 highest numbers will win 🙂


 The Winners

I’ll contact you personally when you win. Once you sign up to the forum through the link I give you, I’ll transfer $$ to your PayPal account equivalent to the first months fee, effectively, paying for your first months subscription.


Written by Mateen