Revenue: ~ $400

Cost: ~ $172

Profit: ~ $228

Traffic Source: FaceBook

Difficulty Level: Medium

its a jess thing design


Nothing to boast about but an interesting case study none the less.

The Concept

This Design is as personalized as it’s going to get. People with the name Jess have a HIGH chance of engaging in the post. With this in mind, I tried something different to what pretty much everyone else selling name designs were doing which is scraping.

I didn’t want to get my account banned, so there was no way I was going to try any scraping.

The Sales Method

I started to think how I could sell/promote this without utilizing scraping. It’s a popular and HIGHLY scale-able design so if I could get it to work without scraping, it’d be great.

I realized that Jess is a pretty popular name among western societies. Everyone would have come across a Jess at some stage of their life or would have one on their FaceBook. A Lot of my earlier newsfeed ads had the ‘tag someone who “……” header, so in this case what I decided to do was target females and try to get them to tag as many Jess’s as they could.

So even though my audience size was massive, (in the millions), it still got a LOT of engagements and pretty soon there were a lot of Jess’s tagged.

I ended up selling about 26 units which wasn’t bad for a first attempt. The ROI was over 100% which was great! I tried the same tactic with other designs but it didn’t work so I stopped this method.

Sales seem to started to come in more consistently has the campaign picked up momentum. It was hard to get off the ground but once it did, I’d make 4-6 sales a day at a $20 – $40 spend. I can’t remember why I didn’t scale this higher given the ROI, (looking back it seems silly that I didn’t), but it seems logical to think the campaign duration was accidentally set too short and the relaunch didn’t do too well.

What you can Learn from this

– A good headline will get you good engagement. I had the headline ‘Tag a Jess!’ and before I knew it there were over 50 Jess’s tagged.

– Think outside the box. Just because scraping is a lot more risky doesn’t mean these designs can’t work. There’s still an audience out there that would buy this if shown to them. Just think of how you can do this.

It’s a small case study but I hope you guys can learn a thing or two 🙂

~ Mateen

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Written by Mateen