Revenue: ~ $180

Cost: ~ $30

Profit: ~ $150

Traffic Source: FaceBook

Difficulty Level: Medium

diamond chihuahua


Again, nothing to boast about but these are the type of campaigns I get excited with if they start to work!


Because it’s MEGA scale-able. I can scale it to different dogs or even interests or other things that girls like to have.

I test a bunch of different scale-able concepts every week with the hope that they’ll hit. After all it was because of this scaleability that I was able to hit 85k in March.

Although this campaign only brought in 18 sales, because I could scale it, I’ve made over 1k profit with the concept.

The Concept

This was a cheap ripoff of another design I saw working which was very similar to this but had a different interest.

I used the same text, changed the font, added some sparkles and bam, it was a totally new design.

Again, looking back, I have NO idea why I didn’t scale this higher, or why I only spent $30 on it. Only thing I can think of is I had a lot more other designs doing well and this one didn’t get enough attention.


Targeting was pretty simple.

chihuahua club, i love my chihuahua club or chihuahua rescue san diego,



Aus & U.S.

I’ve since tried the same concept or design for different things with varying success. I’m happy for someone to give it a shot! The hot pink works well and the layering of interest + gender seems to work quite well.

I like creating templates which I can just switch a thing or two in Gimpshop/Photoshop to make a completely new design. This way I can bust out 10-15 campaigns within an hour or two. All I need to change here is the word ‘chihuahua’ and the pic.

What you can Learn from this

– Make templates for your designs.

– Monitor popular designs that work so you can tweak and make your own. Since they’re working for someone else, the idea/concept has already been validated.

– Use layering, (gender + interest)

– Go the extra mile to make things more related to gender/demographic, (cute chihuahua pic, hot pink, diamonds, pretty font – all these things are what girls would resonate with).

Good luck!

~ Mateen


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Written by Mateen