Last time I ran this, I learned a TONNE about my readership. This is necessary for me to continually post out material that people find value in. For this reason, I’m running it again!

[Competition has Ended – Congrats Tommie]


The Prize

1 x Aff Playbook Forum membership with the first month FREE.

Aff Playbook is THE best Private Affiliate Marketing Forum on the net. It has over 4,500 registered members and a gazillion success stories, case studies, lessons, webinars, tutorials, etc, etc. This is the perfect prize for those that want to get more serious with Affiliate Marketing and want to know the good stuff. You can read more about the forum here.

What You Need To Do

In the comments section of this post, answer the following questions,

1. Why Have You Chosen Affiliate Marketing?

2. What’s more important to you, Consistent income or big $$

How Winners Will Be Chosen

Just like last time, I’m going to randomize the list of people that comment and the name that ends up at the top will win. Each person can only comment ONCE.

Good luck guys!

~ Mateen


Written by Mateen