Design Templates for your Teespring Campaigns can dramatically increase your productivity. Maybe it’s the engineer in me, but I’m a big systems/process guy. Once you’ve figured out the process or the exact steps necessary for you to get a profitable campaign out there, it’s now all about repetition.

If you’re the type to do designs yourself which I highly recommend, then you’ll benefit a lot by making simple templates.

Below is the Teespring Gem Video for This

Here’s a Simple Template Example

teespring facebook image template


Now why are design templates so important?

For me, Teespring is a game of numbers. The more designs you can put out there, the more likelihood you have of finding a profitable campaign. In saying that you don’t want to compromise to much on quality. This is where design templates come in.

All you need to do is make one good template that you’ve tested and know works on a certain niche. Now it’s just a matter of changing the elements of it that will make it appeal to a different niche.

If you watched the video you’ll notice I changed the niche from chihuahua lovers to bunny/rabbit lovers in a matter of seconds.

Now I can continue to do this for other dog breeds and pets in general. There are literally 100s of pets people keep from cats to birds to even frogs. These are all what are referred to as ‘sub-niches’ or ‘micro-niches’. Plenty of money to be made there. You can even think of what other things women love. Maybe their cars? See if you can find a list of things on google.

I can easily create 5-10 designs in an hour allowing me to test a bunch of niches at the same time. On any given day, I’ll test 5-10 new campaigns which are usually variations of the same designs and one might pick up which covers the test costs of the rest.

Again, the quicker and easier you make the process for yourself, the faster you’l progress at this!


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Written by Mateen