There’s a lot of methods I use to find T-shirt ideas that are currently working. eBay is something that is commonly overlooked which I’ve gone through in the video below,

You want to be keeping a close eye on ideas that are currently working. I’ve highlighted currently because a lot of people newbies start Teespring copying designs that have been out since Teespring started. Take the nurse and age niches for example. People STILL copy the exact same campaign expecting it to work…

Times change, niches get saturated, peoples interests change, etc. By checking up on shirts that are selling well right now, you can get leads on what niches are hot, what phrases/quotes/sayings people like on their shirts, what countries are buying and a lot more.

eBay lets you do just this. You can search their huge database for shirts on pretty much any niche. You can even check out the shirts that are currently selling or have sold recently by checking the ‘Sold Listings’ check box on the left column.


Above, I’ve found a couple of shirts that have been sold in the last month or so. Now, we already know these sell, if it works for someone else, it will work for us.

Don’t copy these straight out. How can we vary them? Change text, change design, change niche, change colors and pictures, etc. Make it completely different but still convey the same message.

Now, these are just 2 shirts. I’ll test 10-30 of them a week and will be lucky to find 2-3 that will start profiting. This is the reality of Teespring which is why people give up so easily. You need to test a LOT. Same with anything else in affiliate marketing.

That’s why I emphasize on making the process/system easy for you so you can test 5-10 shirts in the same time someone will test 1.

~ Mateen


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Written by Mateen