Last year I made almost 300k revenue from Teespring alone. Others have made millions.

This Post will Cover Exactly what I do each day for my Teespring business.

Note: This is NOT a case study. It is purely to outline my process to launching Tees.

Step 1 – Research

The way I research has changed dramatically throughout the year or so I’ve been doing this. The idea is to see what designs are currently selling and use them as inspiration to find other design ideas.

Go to and see what designs are selling. List the designs that stand out to you, (ones you can make variations of).

Let’s start with this design

What/Who else can we make this shirt for?


– mums
– dads
– aunts
– uncles
Back in the day when Teespring was new you could have also done professions. E.g,
– engineers
– nurses
– plumbers
– mechanics
– plumbers
– The Greek
– The Italian
– The Indian
– The Aussie
– The American
etc, etc, etc

I will go on to test maybe 5-8 of this type of design. You want to be finding out which categories work best. E.g, Relations, Professions or Nationalities. To do this. I will select 2-3 from each category and make a design for these.

I’ll list these down on a separate notepad and continue my search. Also notice how the text is quite large and the word ‘papa’ is even larger? This helps your ad be instantly readable on peoples newsfeeds. You won’t get anyone scrolling past without seeing what the shirt says.

Next Design


Nice and simple, yet selling well. The idea is to add a word before ‘LOSOPHY’, obviously alluding to ‘the philosophy of…’ What can we vary up here? We also want to be changing the text/saying.

– brolosophy
– baelosophy
– nanlosophy
– birdlosophy
– dadlosophy
– crewlosophy
– unilosophy
– ladlosophy
– plumblosophy (plumbers)
– manlosophy
– beardlosophy
– Get the idea?

There’s literally 20 I can think of, off the top my head. I’ll probably even get 100 if I were to sit down and properly brainstorm more.

Again, add it to your list and continue your search.

Like this, I will continue to list about 10-20 variations. We’ve already got about 20 for the 2 above so at this stage I might stop and just start designing.

Step 2 – Design

In this case, the designs are quite simple, (mostly text). In the cases I feel like I need to add some design to it, I’ll spend a while trying to come up with something but for now, the text is enough.

We’ll go straight to the second design. But if you want to do the first one, for females, I’ll add some pink/red love heart silhouettes of different sizes here and there. Gents love to be proud of their ‘handyman’ status so silhouettes of nuts/bolts/tools/gears, etc work well.

newsfeed ad1

The above took me about 10 minutes to design. The variations however will take me 2 minutes each since I have a template to work off once I make the first one.

I got the saying from the below meme which I simply googled. ‘Beard meme’

beard meme

In total, if I were to treat this like the average working day, I would have tested 20 or so different niches. Usually I’ll be testing 4-5 completely different designs not just 2 like shown above.

Link to the campaign – >

Step 3 – Advertising

I’ll post all these on a generic Facebook Page and use this page to advertise from, via FB. Below is the Page I’ve Advertised on,

Notice how I haven’t paid for likes or anything? I’ve done the BARE minimum. Profile Pic, Cover Photo, that’s it.

Now, go to Power Editor and click the ‘Download to Power Editor’ Button right at the top. I do this every time before I create any ads.

Next, Click the ‘Ads’ tab and create New Ad, (Green Plus Button).


I always use ‘Page Post Engagements’. From split testing I find this to work the best.

Next, still under the ads tab, select your page and then the post you want to promote.


Click the ‘Ad Sets’ Tab,

  • Set budget to $30/day
  • Set date and time so your ad starts 2 hours from now
  • Click ‘Edit Audience’ and set your targeting. In this case, this is how I’d target,




  • Uncheck the ‘Desktop Right Column’ option at the bottom, (blue circle with a tick in it). I find this performs poorly so always uncheck it.
  • Leave everything else the same and upload your ad.

That’s it! Now do this for every design variation you can think of, test as many as you can manage/day. Imagine after days, weeks, months, you would have tested 100s of designs in 100s of niches, all inspired by current PROVEN designs.

I can’t stress how important it is at this stage just to jump right in and start testing designs. You can read all you want but till you start doing the work and just grinding it out you won’t get the results you desire.

Even if you think you’re not ready, just go for it. There’s no such thing as being ready. Don’t be afraid to fail. Falure is good for you. It exposes the holes in the wall. It exposes what you need to work on. It also exposes the few things yiou’re good at, maybe you should refine them even more but that does not happen until you grind it out.

Good luck,

~ Mateen

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