REVENUE: $24,780.00

COST: $18,440.98

P/L: +$6,339.02




+$10,840.40 U.S.D


Paid Advertising Daily Stats

jan 2015

Introducing Blog Income

I mentioned before that this blog started off as place to just mind dump my leanings. Over time, people started to find it and send me questions via email. I started to get a mention here and there and people started to recognize the blog.

Then, it suddenly exploded after my guest post on Tylers blog. Now, it’s earning me some decent money. Easily more than my day job did. And the best part is that it’s growing income. More consistent than Teespring and slowly becoming a better earner.

This month I hit 4.5k USD in blog income. That translates to 5.4k Aus which is more than the average wage here. To think it all came from less than 4 hours of work in Jan is astounding.

From this point on, I’ll be including my blog income in my reports but most of the report will still be focused on Paid Advertising and the knowledge gained there. I definitely don’t want to become a blogger that blogs about blogging. That’s just lame.

Carrying on Income

It’s always a good thing when I find a great campaign during the end of the month. Why? Because it usually carries over to the start of the next month giving me the confidence that the month’s going to be great!

At the end of December I found a REALLY good campaign. I’m sure a lot of people have seen it around. It was bringing me 1-2k in revenue for a good 2-3 weeks. This time, instead of heavily re-investing that into testing more campaigns, I let the holiday mood get the best of me and I lazily just let it run on it’s own.

Going for Bigger Niches/Audiences

I’ve realized it’s better to get something working when the audience size is over 500k-1Mill than smaller niches and audiences. This is hard to do as there are not many passionate niches around this size. Nevertheless, people STILL sell big number campaigns in many big niches that most people would have thought was over-saturated.

Veterans are a perfect example. So are nationalities, age shirts, name shirts and grandparents. I still come across 1k+ sales campaigns in these niches. It just shows how much opportunity is still in the Teespring model. People always talk about how saturated it’s getting but I ALWAYS feel that there will be big opportunity as long as you continue the hunt.

I’m going to focus my efforts in monetizing these niches. 80%+ of my income was made up of 4-5 different TS concepts that did GREAT. The rest are 100’s of little ones that contributed here and there. I’m going to apply the 20/20 rule and just work on finding those BIG hitters.

Social Sleuth – Killer TS Research Product

Believe me, there are not many products I recommend. I was thinking of leaving this product out of my monthly report because it gave me such a competitive edge!

I’m actually still hesitant to write about it.

I bought Social-Sleuth a month or so ago. It basically lets you search peoples posts and shares via keywords/urls. So for example, if you search ‘’, it will show you all the page shares and posts with that URL in it that have been shared in the last few minutes to even those shared ages ago.

Great to get your mind ticking on what designs to try.

I’m sitting here thinking how else I can use this product as it’s not restricted to Teespring. You can search any URL you want. I’ve been using it quite a lot to see what people are selling and it’s contributed to my business big time.


It’s always necessary to diversify your income in affiliate marketing. This is why even top affiliate marketers run other side businesses like blogs and things. You protect yourself from total income annihilation.

When I first started, my first successful campaign that was bringing me 1-300/day suddenly dried up. Nothing was working for me and for a while I was started to get scared and apprehensive with my business decisions. I realized never to rest on your laurels when you’re doing good. Always be working to better your business and growing your income.

I’m hoping to diversify into different affiliate programs, this blog and a couple of web properties that are growing and bringing in some income.

Being slack in January

I have to admit, I was RIDICULOUSLY lazy in January. I just couldn’t get myself to work! I think I did all up 10 hours of work in the whole 31 days of January. Most of it was because my main campaign was bringing me an awesome daily profit. I knew it would take a while to die out so basically got lazy and rested for the whole month.


Thinking of Expanding/Getting an Office/Hiring Employees

I’m going to rent an office space to work out of next month and also hire some employees, preferably part-time, to help run parts of my business. It’s getting too crazy doing all this by myself and I’m holding myself back from really growing this thing.

If you want a 6 figure business, work by yourself, if you want a 7 figure business, you need to learn how to manage teams. This is the main thing that’s driving me to take the step. I had rented an office when I first started and it had the added benefit of forcing me to work for a good 6 hours a day. So none of this lazy business, I’m going to get myself out of bed and into my office the first thing in the morning so I have no excuse to do nothing.

Buying a Rexy

Now for the best part. I bought a Rexy 😀

sub wrxx

I’m usually pretty conservative with my money. I save a good 80% of my profits and use portions of it to reinvest in other, non-affiliate related things. This time however, it seemed beneficial to buy a car, (business related expense), as I really needed to upgrade and not to mention the amazing tax benefits from adding to your business expenses.

The idea of spending more to save more is still hard to comprehend but all I know is, the money I’ll lose in the devaluation of the car, I’ll save in taxes for that year. So basically I lose nothing.

I couldn’t be happier with the purchase. The car is REALLY built to drive and is loads of fun. It’s also made me work that little bit harder. I’m starting to really feel the benefits of self-employment particularly in Australia. The Australian economy is really suffering at the moment and we’re losing out on a lot of our industries. To be not dependent on the Aus economy right now is a blessing.


Most of January was spent being lazy. I did very little work. Maybe it’s complacency and the fact that I had an awesome campaign pull me through not to mention this blog hit 5k, I really had no incentive to work. I’m going to change this BIG time next month though, I’m already seeing a big drop in income this month, (Feb), which is a great reminder that I need to be on my toes and continue growing my business.

That’s it for now, good luck guys!

~ Mateen


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