Facebook Audience Insights is possibly the BEST Marketing tool out there for Facebook Marketers. Not many people know how to use it right though so I thought I’d make an article about it. Maybe even a video sometime later.

What is Facebook Audience Insights?

Audience Insights is a demographic research tool FaceBook Released last year. It can be accessed from the Ads Manager.

where to access facebook audience insights on facebook

You can use this tool to break down the demographic of your choice revealing what pages these people are connected to, what their spending habits are, what age do the majority lie in, etc.

How Does Facebook Audience Insights Benefit My Business?

Depending on what your business is, Facebook Audience Insights can be used to find more information on your target demographic so you can target them better resulting in cheaper Cost per Clicks and much higher CTRs. This might not make sense for many of you so let me explain.

Basically, Affiliate Marketing, (Paid Advertising) is all about getting higher revenues than your costs. 98% – 100% of your cost are advertising costs – direct costs associated with you paying Facebook for their displaying of your ad to whoever you’ve selected.

Facebook charges you based on how well you can get people to engage with your ad. This is determined by a few factors, predominantly your CTR, (Click Through Rate). The higher this number, the better your ad is performing. The CTR however, is mostly dependent on how ‘fine-tuned’ your demographic is. This is where audience Insights come in. I’ve had Cost Per Clicks as low as 2 cents in the states and even 1 cent in International Countries. I know people that can get it even lower.

Basically, Facebook Audience Insights helps you find the demographic of people that are most likely going to engage with your ad.

It can make the difference between spending $50 and getting 100 people to your website or spending $50 and getting 1,000 people to your website!


It’s best to demonstrate by an example.

Let’s say I’ve made a shirt for people with beards. See below,

newsfeed ad1


Now I head over to audience Insights and type ‘beard’ into ‘interests’.

advanced facebook audience insights image


Once I click on the ‘Page Likes’ tab, I can see what these people are connected to. I type these one by one back into the interest tab to dig even deeper. If I type in ‘Incredibeard’, I get even more targeted results.

page likes inside facebook audience insights tool

Now I get,

– Lucky Scruff

– Facial Hair League

– No Shave Life

– Beards Are Best

– etc


From Business to forums to beard forums to even sports leagues! All things related to people that really love their beards.

You can use these as PPV targets, Google Banner Ad targets, etc.

I use them as FaceBook targets as I know people connected to these groups/pages are VERY into the beard niche.

This gives me much better results than simply putting ‘beard’ in the interest which is much too broad and will be too expensive for you to profit from let alone get any proper engagement.

So There You Have It

I used to spend a lot of time googling all this. Now I can just spend a few minutes on Audience insights and get all the information I require.

I predominantly use it for my Teespring Business but it can be used for a variety of different affiliate activities.

~ Mateen


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Written by Mateen