REVENUE: $7,745.50

COST: $7,047.14

P/L: +$698.36




+$4,582.46 U.S.D

Paid Advertising Daily Stats

Screen Shot 2015-03-04 at 10.05.58 am

Starting Strong as Always

A noticeable trend throughout almost all my income reports are the first few days are usually green. This is great because it gives me the confidence to continue with campaigns and attempt to grow that income. I had a couple of designs that did great but they fizzled out fairly quickly. They still bought in a profit BUT my total costs at the end of the day were higher due to other campaigns being in ‘test mode’ which put me in the red.

Teespring Struggle Town

Usually when I’m in the red, I can get myself out pretty quickly but since I was REALLY lazy with testing the previous month, I was starting totally from scratch. I had about 30 camps in a row, (and growing), that flopped hard and the red days kept piling on. I decided to dig deeper into my costs and tighten up my demographic which gave me a trickle of profit days here and there but most of February was red. Kind of scary and made me doubt if the whole Teespring thing works anymore.

This was until I talked to a couple of Teespring guys and one of them was doing 4 figures in profit/day for a good week. Teespring was very much alive and kicking, it just wasn’t working for me right now. Not a big issue, the biggest thing I’ve learned being in IM is to JUST.KEEP.MOVING. The moment you stop, you lose so just never stop and you’ll never lose.

Time and time again, I’ve hit red and got back out of it after focusing on launching campaigns. This time was no different, it was just taking a little longer. I know it’s just a matter of time till I find something again.

Losing Motivation

After seeing so many campaigns fail, I did what your NOT supposed to do and slowed down. I slowed down big time, hardly launching any campaigns at all. Action is the ONLY way to get yourself out of self doubt. I knew that but just couldn’t get motivated enough to continue launching. Not to mention my laptop was getting increasing buggy and designing was becoming difficult. With Teespring not giving me the results I wanted, I stopped focusing on it all together and worked on my blog.

Getting Lazy

I tried to give Google Adwords -> Teespring another short. This was how I made my first Teespring profit. At a stage I was making $100-$200/day profit just from this!

Anyway, I decided to give it a go and tested a few camps. None worked so I stopped. I hardly use my google adwords account so I stopped logging in to my campaign.

It turns out I actually DID NOT stop the campaign and had left it running for a good week! That was $20/day down the drain so I wasted about $150 on basically nothing. Just today I checked one of my FB accounts and did the same thing! Another $100 down the drain. My lack of focus is putting holes in my business everywhere.

New Teespring Forum

Click Here

After a straight week of campaign fails, I decided to work on my blog. I get SO many emails regarding Teespring I thought it would be a good idea to make a forum where people can ask these questions and others can contribute towards answering them. We’ve already crossed 100 members which is awesome and there are some interesting conversation happening.

Teespring forum

If you haven’t signed up for it yet, go ahead and do so. Especially if you’re starting out, there’s a lot you can benefit from participating and asking the right questions.

The Blog – A Blessing or a Curse?

This blog used to just be a little side hobby. Now it’s bringing in a decent income. This is has become a blessing and a curse at the same time.


The ‘curse’ part of it is, it’s making me lazy. Before, my sole income was Teespring. It was do or die for me which is why I worked so hard to make an income. Now, whether or not I do anything Teespring related, I have a money generating asset which is growing every month that brings in a Full-Time income. I don’t want to be just another blogger that blogs about blogging. There’s enough of them. I have to somehow force myself to keep launching Teespring Campaigns. At least 10 or so a day.

Lack Of Focus

One lesson I keep learning time and time again is to be laser focussed on one thing. This month I was working on my blog, my side projects, Teespring, etc. There was just too many things that needed my time and so every morning I’d wake up confused with what exactly I should be working on.

Last year I did so well because I was insanely focussed on Teespring. I lived and breathed it and had formed the necessary habits and work processes to make it work. I needed to do the same.

While watching an episode of Shark Tank, Robert said a line, “I don’t invest in people who don’t have laser focus on exactly what they need to do and exactly where they want to be”. This hit me hard and I decided to stop trying to juggle so many things. Moving forward I’m going to focus on one thing at a time until I’ve mastered it. No excuses.

The first being building a small team to help me with my Teespring camps.

Relaunching Old Campaigns

I’ve launched 1000’s of campaigns and a lot of them have been successful. I never realised until now but a lot of these campaigns were still, somehow getting sales! Some had reached over 10 sales and just needed to be relaunched for me to claim the money. I think I got 3-$400 in free sales $$ like this.

I’m writing this in March and TS have lowered their goal to 3 which means I can relaunch another 10-20 of my old camps that have accumulated 3 sales! That’s another $200 or so free. Pretty good for 5 minutes of work lol.

Things Aren’t Always Pretty in Business

One of the biggest benefits for myself when writing these monthly reports is the opportunity to reflect on the month and realise what went right and what went wrong. It allows me to see patterns and correlations with my work habits/effort and it’s results.

This month has been a struggle more than anything and it’s a good thing in a way as it highlights the realities of this business. So many of us are sold on how ‘passive’ this lifestyle is and we live in a dreamworld thinking, “if we could just hit $50/day, $100/day, etc, everything would be great. The reality is, yes, you might hit this but it definitely isn’t permanent and 100% ‘passive’, especially in paid marketing. You STILL need to work hard to maintain it.


Seems like this post was more of a rant than a report LOL but it was definitely one of my least productive and fruitful months I’ve ever had. It highlighted how my income has a direct correlation with the effort I put in. Back in December I was launching campaigns like crazy and the $xx,xxx figure month reflected that. This month I did barely any work and again, my income reflected that.

Moving forward, I need to get stuck into launching campaigns, a lot of them. I need a team to do this as I can’t depend on myself.

I’m going to split this down into phases, the first being to build this team.

Good luck for Match everyone,

~ Mateen


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