I’ve always blogged about the good side of Teespring. This time I thought I’d blog about the ugly side. One that isn’t painted with success stories and $$ everywhere.

Firstly, let’s tackle the most common question I get,

How much money do I need to start with Teespring?

Almost every one that considers Teespring will have asked themselves this question. It’s a fair question. But what isn’t’ fair, is what most people expect the answer to be.

A few $100? Maybe $500? Or *gasp* what if it’s in the $1,000s?

Most likely it IS in the $1,000s. In fact, if you’re starting Teespring and your intent is to make a consistent profit from it then I don’t recommend you starting without having at least $1,000-$2,000 in the bank that you’re completely ok losing. Most people might think this is a lot of money to get started, but name me one business that will allow you to work anywhere around the world with almost complete anonymity and has the potential to earn you millions where the $$ you need to get started is in the $1000s?

There may be people that have found success straight off the bat. They launched their very first campaign and bam, $500 profit in the bank. This was definitely not my story and should NOT be considered the norm.

The normal path to a Teespring Affiliate is someone that has to learn design, learn FB marketing, learn the delicate balance between these two and after a lot of testing and trialling and pain staking hours, he or she should see success.

This is business, not a side hobby. You can’t master it in a week or even a couple of months. Business is a journey. Just like it takes years in getting your university degree, or years climbing the ranks of your career, business takes time to learn and get good at.

You have to spend money, you have to expend effort. You can’t do it here and there and expect massive returns. If you want to earn real money than you have to learn to spend money.

You may have seen my income reports consistently being in the green. I’m sorry if this painted a ‘this business seems easy’ picture in peoples heads because it definitely isn’t easy. From the 3-5 camps that bring me my profit, I have 100+ camps that were total fails. That’s how it works.

Throughout being an affiliate marketer for almost 2 years I’ve realized there is no certainty in this business. Well I guess there is no certainty in anything if you want to get philosophical but in this case more than most others, the only thing that fuels the average affiliate marketer throughout his self doubts is his faith in himself and his ability to find something eventually.

It starts of as faith but then, when success comes and you realize there’s a direct correlation with the amount of effort you put in and your success, you’re dependence on faith changes to being confident in yourself and your abilities. As you experience more and more you realize what you’re average ‘hit’ ratio is. 1 in 5 campaigns or 1 in 30 campaigns or something like that. You know it takes you on average 30 camps to find something so it doesn’t bother you that you’re losing all this money as you’ve experienced time and time again, finding something eventually that covers everything spent testing the others.

The only difference between the successful affiliate and the unsuccessful affiliate is,

The successful affiliate knows for certain, if he continues trying to fine tune this system, he can earn the same as what other people have earned. With this attitude, whether his 5 campaigns flop or 10, he continues knowing that as long as he’s learning, he’s getting closer and closer.

The unsuccessful affiliate, will give it a shot. It failed, no worries, let’s try again. Oh no, that failed also? There must be something wrong. This thing must be saturated, there’s a problem with people right now. They’re just not in buying mood, it’s cold, people aren’t buying shirts, etc, etc. At the same time there will be people absolutely banking, with Teespring, making 1000s of sales.

Bottom line, you need more than a couple $100 to get started here. This is a very real business where people earn millions. I spent 1.5k with not a single tipped campaign. The only thing that kept me going was knowing that there were holes in my model and I can change something here or there that would fix it and give it another chance.

I can almost guarantee you’ll get there if you switch to the right attitude. One of patience, perseverance and reality. One that doesn’t quit after a couple of months.

All the best


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Written by Mateen